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“Amigo” is the sound of friendly nature - deeply rooted in the music of Latin America, and at the same incorporating latest recording technologies, this is the music for both extensive club use and advanced home listening. Few minutes into its gentle, shimmering aura - and it becomes clear that this is the final and most perfect record of any Latino-techno artist. Submerged in warm, mid-tempo percussion arrangements, Pier’s tracks leave a lot of room to breathe and let go of one’s imagination - forming a soundtrack to virtually any activity an open mind can undertake. “Amigo” is also a vocal album - incorporating talents of Armelle Pioline of Paris-based band Holden, Chilean vocalist Washingtone Miranda or Jorge Gonzales, one of Chile’s pop music finest exports it reads like a songbook from a completely new time and place, a songbook for a parallel universe where the very roots of music meet exotic sounds from the future. Recorded during 2009 in Pier’s new studio in Berlin, “Amigo” is not your average club record. “I’m concentrating more on the particular feeling than overall effect” - says Pier, and this is exactly what “Amigo” is about. This is the music of feelings, glimpses of memories, half-forgotten songs played through radio static, warm and deeply humane. Channeling Latino folk through the experiments of ethnically inclined artists of yesteryear, digitalizing ethnic rhythms in a way far more sophisticated than any other producer, blending together the most humane and individual feelings with digital machines, “Amigo” clearly is a new step in electronic music and a firm statement of a conscious, living, loving artist.

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