Uto Karem

“Maschine Love”

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Something is happening in Italy. There is a cutting-edge wave of music streaming forth that has the country poised to become the next supreme land of dance music exports. Seemingly leading the pack of Italy’s rising stars is Uto Karem, who in just a short period of time has produced hit after hit with forward thinking dance tracks that are fast becoming staples for DJs everywhere. With an ability to infuse cutting edge machine music with soulful grooves, Uto Karem packs a powerful one-two punch that can drive any room into an absolute frenzy at any hour. His debut release for Plus 8, “Maschine Love", brings a sense of rejuvenation to the spring season. It comes complete with four tracks of playful electronic mischief offering listeners sonic stimulation from the darkest warehouses to the setting sun-soaked terraces, and all points between. All thanks to the advancements of modern music making machines and one brilliant, devious mindů Starting things out is the title track, Maschine Love. Who can possibly deny their love for machines when we’re hearing tracks like this gargantuan peak time jam? A punchy and effective rhythm structure lead by a nice kick, crisp hi-hat, and rounded bassline make room for an onslaught of sound effects, edits, and ultimate studio magic. On a proper sound system, this will be huge, as it’s literally a playground for the cerebral cortex with enough attention towards moving the masses.Next in line is Butterfly Effect. A simple lo-fi tech house bouncer which serves the clear purpose of keeping the dance floor locked firmly in place. With a clever use of mallets and percussive elements, the track unexpectedly shifts pitch throughout, while the quirky samples and micro-edits drive the grooves throughout the duration of this auditory masterpiece.Black Jack is a nutty little number with a perfect square like rhythm pattern which creates a marching like swing. It’s the darker cut on this release, but still retains a playful vibe, consistent with

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