Session Victim / Quarion

“Treats Vol.2”

RTR005 scanZoom inLabelRetreat
Cat. No.RTR005
Orders fromWed, 17 Mar 2010
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One year old and four releases deep, RETREAT present its first 2010 offering with the long awaited second volume of the “Treats” series. Featuring 3 exclusive tracks from Session Victim and Quarion, “Treats vol.2″ showcases the producers’ ability to move beyond the traditional House sound, incorporating more Soul and Disco influences as well as coming up with a few surprises! SESSION VICTIM start things off with the magical “Danish Daughters", a slow groover that begins in a gentle but assured way, sparking your interest with its infectious guitar and piano loop until the beat kicks in and makes you irrepressibly shake that thang. Adding a synth line here or a bell sound there, the duo keep the pace of the track steady until a startling guitar riff breaks it down, giving way to the original loop to return in its full glory, complete with extra organ dashes!

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