“Guayaga Ep/ Youandme Edit”

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Label boss Fluen delivers the latest Ep from Barcelona label Vinyl Did It, and takes off with the title track, Guayaga. Warped marbles burble along shiny dance floors giving way to flashbulb lights as classic house percussion washes the room. Soon we are sweating to a workout of layered synths and vocal hooks as the energy builds. A clean cut house vibe sure to sit well in a properly constructed set. The edit by youANDme gets dirtier with some pop-locking stuttered uprock snare hits, head bobbing bass, and dramatic fuzzed chord stabs. Vocals get snipped up diced with in background chatter as percolating random percussion and dubbed out drums fan the flames of this eyes-closed groove. Ripped reversals give way to a main line that will have the drink stirrers throwing their hands up, with a final warm wash of smiling chords perfect for bringing a set to a close, or taking it to the next level! On the B side, Give Me More’s spastic clatter forms the backbeat for this classy house slab, with sleek dubbed out organ chords descending into the depths only to resurface under a vocal call to action. A short break and an oldschool snare lets the house heads know it’s about to get serious. The hook of “Yeah!” drops over a bouncing bassline, soliciting whistles and whoops from the crowd, with hi-hats and added organinc percussion fills jacking up the oldschool vibe.

VDI005 in the media

Fresh Meat / Berlin Mitte Ins: “Both originals tunes huge ! Loving the easy grooves and sounds.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “i like the original. oldschool like. love it.”

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