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In just three years, since his first EP’s under the Reboot moniker appeared on Cadenza and Below, he’s become one of electronic music’s hottest properties, releasing not only a slew of singles for labels likeCocoon, Love Letters from Oslo, Ricardo Villalobos’ Sei Es Drum and underground cult fave Motivbank,but also a pair of high-profile mix CDs for Cocoon and Cécille. His live sets and DJ sessions have takenhim around the world and then some, several times, playing everywhere from mammoth festival stages tothe thatched-roof booth at Ibiza’s Ushuaïa."Shunyata describes my way of life pretty well,” affirms Heinrich, who just last year left his full-time day jobto focus on music. Shunyata might be seen as a response to all that flux. Heinrich took his time with the record, working on musical ideas that extend beyond the limits of a given track. From the sound designs to the grooves to the way the tracks evolve, they all interconnect; intricate polyrhythms wind through the music like ivy, binding the album together. It’s those rhythms you’re likely to notice first: dazzling arrays of congas, bells, cymbals, shakers, woodblocks; sounds that sound like tuned water-drops or aluminum barrels; steely drum machines slicingthe air like knives. But behind the layers of percussion there are stranger, shadowier elements at work:chimes, pings, electronic gurgles, scraps of faraway voices, field recordings, and beneath it all, a spongy,squishy bed of bass, comforting and all-encompassing. Shunyata is very much an album: its long, undulating lines and morphological structures reward deep,repeated listening. Great! Tracklisting: 01 Uruana 02 Me Show 03 We Only Just 04 Dreilach 05 Save Me 06 Shunyata 07 Hermano 08 Down Pantha 09 Rambon 10 Sanchez Says

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Feedback: “

Ali Schwarz (Souvenir,Tiefschw: “i love it! great album. i m a fan.. thanks ali


Federico Molinari (Oslo): “nice album from Frank, i play it!


Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “wow!!at first i have to say i´m totally impressed about the sound quality from reboots album!so warm,organic,super special reboot mood!!!all the tracks fixing so good together....its a perfect album to listen at home and also for the unique moments on the dancefloor!i can´t say which is or will be my favourite....with thisll destroy the big work behind his album. he is a master of ceremony....!!just great


Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes): “nice album, will play shunyata, hermano and rambon


Sebo K (Mobilee): “nice one! will definitely play!”


Matthew Dear (Spectral) : Solid album !


D’Julz (Ovum) : Great lp , down pantha has been one of the biggest track in my sets for a while. Aanother bomb from a genious Producer.


Lauhaus : Amazing album by frank. shunyata and rambon are my pick.


Kabale Und Liebe (100% Pure): Very nice album! Freaky sounds, weird placements and still sexy. Dope tracks that vary from moody and chill to pumping dancefloor stuff, as an album should be.


DJ Mag UK - Chris Baratt : Loooove Reboot!


Seth Troxler : my mind was just blow!!!!!!! this is perfect contemport dance music for today and forever.


Raresh : Very good album


DJ Koze : i like the longlasting, soft and morphing atmosphere in this tracks.has to hear them more often and more focused to be able to say something more. first favorit Down Pantha and Rambon...


Posivision magazine (Japan) : Sounds cool, deep & graceful album. It is fun to hear this album. Me show is awesome!! Rambon is play an appropriate role for label. Thank you.


Ryan Crosson : Nice trippy stuff from Reboot. There is a progression of tracks that works well. Hermano & Rambon should be a big ones IMO. at first quick listen favorites being Sanchez says and Dreilach.


Alejandro Vivanco  (Cadenza): Very good work frank!! i love "me show" but all the release is amazing ;) bomba amigo!


Paco Osuna (Plus8) :  Nice Job. For sure will play.


Riva Starr : Soundtrack of my summer.


Anthony Collins : Frank rock it !!! Well done ! Super well done


Deetron: really nice album, been playing Hermano for a while now and it's always a standout track. Love Sanchez says as well in particular.


Glimpse (Crosstown Rebel) : Great album thanks, Support !


Mendo (Cadenza) : Pure quality !! Will play a lot of tracks for sure. Hermano is my favorite..


BrothersVibe : Phenomenal work heremuch respect! Keep it up


DJ Sneak : Super work. All over thèse tracks now !


2000&One (Intacto) : Very cool album, nice tunes.


Vincent Lemieux (Musique Risquée) : Poum poum poum chicka chicka, wo-woump wo-woump, tick tick tick tick, shhhh shhhh shhhh shhhh, ka ka: Icomme il y a de beau sons sur cet album, et comme ils sont bien assemblés.


Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour) : loving it for some weeks already !


Konrad Black (Wagon Repaire) : Lovin it ! Will play


Marc Schneider : Big one !


Daria (Cadenza) : Yeaaah !!! Nice album


Frank Roger (Real Tone) : Excellent album at first ear.. reboot is one of the most creative producer theses days.. full respect and support !

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