Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

“Cant Have Everything”

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Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts has been unstoppable over the past three years. Since his debut album, Face À L’Est, on Montreal’s Musique Risquée label in 2007, the Montreal-born Berliner has released a steady stream of EPs, remixes and compilation tracks for Circus Company, Musique Risquée, Oslo, Cocoon and many more. Cannt have everything feat. dOP, the first single taken from the forthcoming album Breaking the fourth wall, was recorded in dOP’s studio in Paris, and in fine democratic style, they’ll feature their own version of the resulting track on their next album. Guillaume?s is a driving cut spiked with a deep and laid back jazz feel largely induced by the addition of live saxophone and rhodes (respectively played by Sébastien Arcand-Tourigny and Nicolas Boucher, two longtime collaborators). The 12?? features an extended mix of the tune for those who?ll want to slip this hot number into party time. On the flip side you?ll find Discothèque, a misty 6/8 Pink Floyedesque experience that introduces the listener to the deeper end of the spectrum presented on Breaking the Fourth Wall. Live saxophone, acoustic drum sequencing and live electric guitar (played by Gabriel Coutu Dumont, who also penned the album’s artwork) emerge alongside a stuborn synth line and transport the mind to soul searching vistas. Blurring the lines between sampling and composition, machines and acoustic instruments, the nightclub and the living room, this single opens the door for an even chunkier part to come : Breaking the Fourth Wall (coming out on May 3rd).

CCS046 in the media

Fe=derico Molinari (Oslo): “the same with this one!”

Feedback: “

Sebo K: wow! such a bomb! i love it!


Mathias Kaden: Wow! Such a bomb! I love it!


Riva Starr: Quality, loving the couple Guillaume/dOP.


Anthony Collins: both tracks are amazing guillaume rocks !!


Adam Marshall: both cuts are dope! fine slinky groove on discoteque, but can't have will be the floor beauty... thanks 


De:Bug - Bleed: review to follow


Sonja Moonear - Junction SM: Finally! Love the development on the A side, very good driving tune specially at the end with the rhodes jam and the percussions. While hearing the B side, i can't wait for the entire album! Yumyumi ;)


Electronicbeats - Gareth: loving discoteque


Federico Molinari: amazing release!


Ralph Lawson: wow ! heavy heavy heavy. G's got rare skillz indeed...


Radio Slave: thank you so much..both tracks are dope !


Butane: Outstanding. will be playing this poolside.


Laurent Garnier: Loooove this 


Anja Schneider: Amazing tracks ! Bomb ! !! Lovin it


Akufen: Aaaah ces canadiens! Quelle classe!


Tsugi - Benoit: Oooh so good. Thank you


Josh Wink: Like the Can't Have Everything track


D'Julz: sweeet one, in the box


DJ Yellow: i'm into A1... super cool trip.


Matthias Tanzmann: beautiful track on the a side. straight in my box.


Frank Roger: rockless groove on can't have, disco is great aswell deep and dubby stuff will support that rockambientdeep shit !


Gavin Herlihy: Another release from Guillaume that's overflowing with style. Thanks


Seth Troxler: Great music through and through


IDJ - Oli: Great track with the dOP boys! Nice to see an extended cut of it as well for this release. Discotheque is cool but it's the A-side for me all the way!


Mixmag - Ed: Loving both these tracks. God stuff!


Âme - Christian: great one!!!


Jamie Jones: I'm feeling Can't Have Everything feat. dOP, nice flow will be spinning for sure.


Ryan Crosson: Discotheque is nice and moody. reminding me of pink floyd =)


Rhadoo: Can't Have Everything


Francis Harris: Yousers!!! What a bomb!


Posivision - Nori: Really tough! provide a balance for the listener.


Ben Korbel: Loving the pink floyd vibe


Konrad Black: Bomb! Mega Bomb!


Dixon: Thanks

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “dop rmx is great. support.”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “excellent album! full support!”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “fantastic tracks on this new album from one of the few musically competent producers of electronic music. i like the deep blues influence.. some tracks are pretty heavy, not easy to play but great to hear.. for sure not only for 2 weeks like so much else in these days. thank you for the music master guillaume!!”

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