“Digital Disorder”

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Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner are no strangers to innovative dance music. For over 10 years, they’ve proven to be experts at crafting a sound that both ignites the dance floors and pushes the limits of modern music making. Through their phenomenal productions as “Misc.” and “Niederflur” (their long standing project for Minus), the duo have been responsible for an unbelievable amount of club movers that rely on classic analogue production techniques and an onslaught of unique machine sounds far off the main grid. Their latest incarnation is in a freshly formed alter ego called “Datasoul", which opens a new chapter in their book, and for Plus 8. The A-side and title track, Digital Disorder is nothing short of hypnotic genius. The proof in the strength of the “less is more” sonic philosophy is undeniable within this track. The focus is all about the groove, with elements that are constantly looping, while the track perpetually builds intensity with steady surgeon-like precision. A perfect track when you want the auditory focus to be solely towards building tension in the venue and ultimately gluing the revelers directly onto the dance floor. This is hypnotic, driving and ultimately essential. PanScan follows with a sinister synth driven powerhouse of a track, dressed in a much tougher exterior than “Digital Disorder". Keeping the vibe from the A-side, the focus is purely on retaining a steady groove and building an impeccable atmosphere with fewer elements. A dark bassline and classic synth stabs keep things moving along, with the occasional surprise of some classic 909 claps and shakers within. This track is crafted specifically for that moment during the party when the crowds’ minds and ears have combined with the DJ’s master plan, and everyone is locked firmly in place ready for the ride. It’s a powerful heads down dance floor bomb that simply works. Coming from the world of digital production, where one is easily distracted by the vast possibilities, H

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