Danilo Vigorito

“Primal Scream”

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Born in Naples, Italy, Danilo Vigorito started DJing in the early 90s and soon took his love for music into the production realm, going on to become associated with the ‘Neapolitan Techno School’ alongside Marco Carola and Gaetano Parisio. A truly versatile producer, Danilo is adept enough to draw influence from all shades of house and techno, making for a style which is truly his own. Bearing in mind his enduring legacy, it’s surprising that only now Plus 8 has released a full EP from the Italian producer, with only his incredible remix of Plastikman’s ‘Kriket’ preceding. However, the wait has been worth it - Danilo has provided us with a steady and heady floor filling EP which further confirms his status at the top of the techno food chain.This double header starts out with Prima, a tension-laden track that reaches its release to stunning effect. Rather than a journey through peaks and valleys, Prima continually take the listener upward, higher and higher, building the track with additional elements as the beats roll ever onward. Detroit inspired pads wash over the entire groove, while more and more percussive surprises invade the frequency range. The relentless pace only takes stock near to its conclusion; the entire track temporarily recedes allowing the dance floor to catch its breath just in time for the anticipated return of Prima’s full force.On the flip is the intense and drum drenched I Saw The Light which shows Danilo’s still got the ability to ‘jack’ like always. Incredible percussive elements define the tone, with enough swing to make even the most uptight party-goer shake their rump. Matching the slow burning intensity of Prima, I Saw The Light is a patient builder which continuously piles on the pressure throughout its nearly eight minute duration. An atmospheric synth hook fades in and out and over, adding a sense of mystery and deepness to an otherwise slamming track. A wicked combination which will work wonders during the peak hours.Anyone who’s be

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