Wolf + Lamb

“Love Someone”

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An underground movement always strives for innovation and lives on pure creativity - Wolf + Lamb is one such movement and now the partnership that created a flourishing series of labels, events and a growing global community, prepare to release their debut artist album, entitled ‘Love Someone’.Gadi Mizrahi & Zev Einsenberg are both Brooklyn-born musicians who pride themselves on procuring and presenting some of the finest gourmet music from around the world. Coming together over a decade ago, they strived to experience and conquer a new approach to music. And so was born Wolf + Lamb, a project that refuses to conform, yet inspires a legion of followers. Since then, many have had their own personal experience of Wolf + Lamb; within their Marcy Hotel in New York; as far away as Nevada Desert for Burning Man festival; and more recently across Europe as the duo took to the road. Their debut artist album, ‘Love Someone’, is a product of this touring, created whilst on the road over the last year. A collection of sometimes obscure, but always engaging dance music productions, cultivating the ultimate statement of who they are, and conveying their own unique musical vision. The album opens with the atmospheric trails of ‘Just For Now’, made at the Wolf + Lamb NYC base - the Marcy - a derelict setting that influenced the gangster feel of this track. Still keeping the tempo slow is their dubbed out rework of ‘Shoeshine Boogie’. Made at (Matt Tolfrey’s / Jamie Jones’) studio in London, the rework oozes with the succinct flavours of instrumental hip-hop and characterizes the W+L signature blend of non-conformist dance music. Title track, ‘Love Someone’ begins to heat things up, combining a nice disco oddity sample, cascading melodies and rhythmic low-end bass, all put together in their Marcy studio, a space that doubles as the dancefloor for their infamous parties. There is a sole collaboration, courtesy of label mate Smirk, who helped produce the jazz medley, ‘Monster Love’,

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