Sven Tasnadi

“Tell Me Again -steve Bug Rmx”

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Mr Tasnadi is regarded as a mainplayer in the world of off-centre house, as his diverse and dextrous approach to 4/4 based rhythms has yeilded ripe fruits on Poker Flat, Liebe Detail, Cocoon and many more respected platforms too. His next sumptuous harvest for Poker Flat includes deep, spooky and moody moments of next generation deep house. ‚Tell Me Again’ is a slow bumping house track for the very late night crowd. Harmonious, supple and dynamic, grinding grooves open into a synthesised theme thats haunting and dramatic, with a ‚slowhouse’ tension that really lifts over the course of the track. Subtlety and grace are the tools at play here. Steve Bug adds his special touch with his ‚I Told Ya’ Remix. Drawing out the tension even further, and of course dropping in some trademark Bug elements, the father of reduced funk shows he can lay it down on a midnight vibe wonderfully Flip the wax over and we find Tasnadi in collaboration with French star Anthony Collins, with their percussion-journey ‚Groove On’. This, the Sven Tasnadi Edit, focuses on the groove with straight up sunday vibes and pumping dub techno-meets new york house energies. A: Tell Me Again (Steve Bug’s I Told Ya Remix) B1: Tell Me Again B2: Groove On (Tasnadi’s Edit)

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Feedback: “

Sasse (Moodmusic)

The bassline is familiar from some 1992 NYC record, damn can´t remember the tune but it was a killer ! and this one is too, whole package is excellent. Probably my record of the month ! 5/5


Craig Richards (Fabric)

Another great release. Steves mix is deep and wonderful. 4/5


Jimpster (Freerange)

Mr Bug turns in a blinder. me likey! 4/5


Will Saul (Simple)

Love Steve's mix. Will play this to death. 4/5


Radio Slave (Rekids)

groove on is the one for me and I love the break...perfect sunday afternoon p bar music ! will also play steve's mix and chart ... 5/5


Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)

tell me again orig is great..steve´s mix is cool, too... dope.... 5/5


Michael Reinboth (Compost)

nice atmo, moody, good for a tasty warm this 4/5


Peter Kruder (G-Stone)

Nice 12". Like the Steve Bug Mix, great sounds. Will play this. 4/5


Anja Schneider (Mobilee)

Like Groove On !!!! 4/5


D'Julz (Circus Company)

groove on is fat 4/5


Oliver Huntemann (Ideal Audio)

I like it and I play it! 4/5


James Flavour (Dirt Crew)

groove on is my fave! 4/5


Karotte (Cocoon)

i like the original


Patrick Chardronnet (Audiomatique)

wirklich schöne ep! bug mix ist auch sehr gelungen. play all 4/5


Gruber & Nürnberg (Liebe*Detail)

The next awesome release from Mr. Tasnadi! "Tell me again" is such a nice spooky and hypnotic track - I like - also "groove on" and the remix! Full Support!!! 5/5


Sebo K (Mobilee)

groove on is great! full support. 4/5


Agoria (Different)

gonna play the original, i like the plastic dreams keys.


Anthony Collins (Vakant)

yeah yeah yeah !!!!! 5/5


Shinedoe (Intacto)

Tasnadi's mix is the one for me, thx


Simon Flower (Moon Harbour)

Bug mix slaying me with the freaky organs! 4/5


Brothers' Vibe (Mixx)

All good - full support... 5/5


Danny Tenaglia (Silver)

thanxx.. all sound good!!! 4/5


Charles Webster (Defected)

i can enjoy 'Carlos' thoughts.\....'eyewitnes' is cool also...thnx


David Durango (Dessous)

Groove on is very strong......i like ...good ep. 4/5


Ante Perry (Moonbootique)

Org + Steve´s Mix are great! But Groove On hits me most! Thx for that! 4/5


Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil)

Groove On is the one for me, cool stuff from Mr.Tasnadi as always.


Phly (S-E-N)

ace track, will play out a lot for sure! 5/5


Mijk Van Dijk (Gigolo)

Tell Me Again original!!! 4/5


Makossa (FM4)

great deep bug rx .. nice vocals will play 4/5


Peter Armster (Wordandsound)

i am really a big fan of steve´s latest remixes, this one is again a sureshot. 2 x applause! 5/5


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