Phono & Kemi

“Tiger Tiger Ep”

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Ouchhh! If this was any more sexy we might not be able to handle it! What Jacob Phono Thiessen and Kim Kemi have delivered here is pure groove. The tracks are as spirited and stylish as the fashion freaks of their hometown: Copenhagen. Both musicians are tightly rooted in the Danish Techno scene, DJing, producing and promoting parties. Kemi has been around since the early 90’s and is now one of the leading figures among Copenhagen’s party people. Phono began producing as a kid with a sequencer and a drum machine. Now he makes music not only for his own releases but has also produced music for several short films. “Exterminators” will get right into your head on the very first listen. The track is smooth and airy and becomes an absolute hit through its unique vocal stylings and groove. A song which communicates only one wish: driving a convertible with the top down, music up and cruising through the city. “Tiger Tiger” sounds even more like a classic techno track. Here too, exciting vocals, and an endless groove, but this time the tune focuses more on the hellish hypnosis than the heavenly harmonies. In “Wobble-Mix” they keep the mild pounding groove, but also come bouncing along from the bottom up, and play around with vocal set pieces. Martinez also gets involved on this release with a remix of “Tiger Tiger”. He elegantly minimises all the elements and punctuates the effects to create an even denser atmosphere.

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