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We are honored to present to you Thema’s first full length—and our 20th release—Mossa’s “Festine”. The CD version offers the full range of expressions, with the sexiest, floor-friendly bits featured over 2 separate 12”, Parts 1 and 2. The first slab is a true dancefloor beast! Its not what you would have come to expect from previous Mossa material but we sure are glad to feature such a bold body of work—with 2 power house collaborations with non other than Mathias Kaden and Mike Shannon, just to make it that much more delectable! Starting it off with“Romancing the Bone” which deceptively begins as a revisit to the sunnier, bouncier elements of his sound but takes a sharp left turn into one of his hometown’s notorious “booths”. This is lurid, syncopated neon techno in the most swollen of veins. Remember to play safe, kids. Following that is an appearance by our first two esteemed guests: Mathias Kaden lends a hand to recreate a solid, no-bullshit party pleaser with “New Tork”. B side kicks off with the shamelessly anthemic “Tough Love” wich rushes through surly crowds in vast caverns with its massive bold drizzeling basslines and then lovely Q-zen with her sultry vocals over the throbbing ambient interlude “I Am You”, which makes us feel kind of warm and funny all over. To close it out it, Mike Shannon is kind enough to help out with some deeper, darker business on “Churros”, where the two mine the grime fashioning another kind of beast, one that stutters and stalks the dancefloor. Nothing to be scared of, but just becarful on how you use this bad boy, we cant be held resposible for what might proceed on the floor!

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