Quarion / Chaton / Se-te-ve

“+91 Ahead Session 4”

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An eternal raw groove, dirty keys, deep & dub chords…extended house for club abuse ! Part 4.

PLK22 in the media

RA - Resident Advisor: “What makes a genre workout worth hearing? When someone expends the effort to make it a little bit more. Quarion's +91 Ahead session for Plak is one such track, sounding like an accomplished bit of deep house with enough extras thrown in to woo the casual listener. A trilling piano, an organ line that positively glistens and an expertly apportioned grunt-and-response: It's all here. But what lifts Quarion's to rarefied heights is its structure. It comes off more like a song than a track, despite a distinct lack of vocals. Debuting on wax for the first time on the flipside is Swiss producer Se-Te-Ve. Like Quarion, he takes a genre—dub techno, in this case—as a starting point, and then figures where to insert his own personality. The rhythm is enough to get you going, such is the power of its forward momentum, and for a while it's all he gives you. But soon enough a bleepy little melody cuts through the pounding groove, announcing the arrival of yet another idiosyncratic producer to the Plak roster. With Ripperton, Chaton and now Se-Te-Ve popping up on the regular, the deeper end of Swiss techno seems in good hands. ”

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