Der Dritte Raum

“Rosa Rausch”

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Der Dritte Raum is back! It’s hard to believe but it’s been 16 years since Andreas Krüger released his first album on Harthouse, followed by five more albums and countless 12-inches on various labels. This coming album, his seventh, will be released on his own imprint Save to Disc, which has recently been the subject of a friendly takeover by Andreas. With Rosa Rausch, Andreas has released another one of his typical musical kaleidoscopes. His distinctive grooves last from the first to the very last bar of the record - sometimes brisk, sometimes subtle; he knows how to fascinate his audience. His deep love for hypnotic arrangements and entrancing synth-lines - derived from the classic machines of the last century - exudes from every moment of this album. Still the tracks don’t fit the usual labels. The impact of two decades of House and Techno merge with solid Ambient sounds, Electro and Swing into a genre-busting amalgam full of musical surprises. You can hear that this bedrock of Techno history is beyond proving himself to anyone, every musical facet is an exactly placed but casual shot from the hip. Andreas exquisitely manages to transfer day-to-day inspiration into distinct musical positions. Wonderful moments come out of this vintage machinery: pounding and hissing like a steam train, title track Rosa Rausch gains momentum on this trip into the countryside. Beats jingle cheerfully like ice cubes in a highball glass. Summery synthies convey a feeling of sand between your toes. Two other tracks, Lieblingsloop and Blautaut, also have this spirit of the summer; with a feeling of effortlessness and of the sun shining on your face, the music takes your hand and draws you to the dance floor. That’s where Swing Bop is already waiting for you. Last year’s uber-hit, still putting a smile on all our faces. But, as we all know, Der Dritte Raum has other sides to him, too. Gerät außer Kontrolle lets lose a crazy percussion session, a worthy reference to old school Techno.

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