Nicolas Jaar

“Marks & Angles”

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Nicolas Jaar’s very first EP, released in 2008, suggested the arrival of a rare talent: it was recorded when he was just 17, for one thing, and its acoustic sounds and unconventional structures were refreshingly unsullied by club music’s business-as-usual habits. Profiling him last fall, Resident Advisor praised the young producer’s “sophisticated,” jazz-influenced vision of dance music, one that he’s gone on to explore across further releases for W+L, his own Clown & Sunset label, and a remix for Ellen Allien. After his contributions to last year’s Snuggle & Slap compilation, Nicolas Jaar’s Marks & Angles EP marks his debut release on Circus Company, as well as another bold step forward for the musician himself. All three tracks are rooted in house music, but Jaar’s rich acoustic textures and elastic timekeeping lead to a far more personal place. They explore strange emotional registers, a commingling of melancholy and joy in a shadowy slow dance. “Marks” is a shuffling, late-night number that’s too idiosyncratic to be reduced to its influences; a dub blues for organ and synthesizer blossoms into a piano’s modal jazz solo, all overlaid with Jaar’s haunted vocals. “Angles” stretches guitar strings like taffy through a forest of finger snaps and slow-motion electro shudder, with a cycling chorus teasing out medieval melodies. “Materials” is quicker of spirit, with a rippling pulse played out on muted jazz drums, shuttling between blocked piano chords and silvery oscillators and weaving an irresistible groove. It’s beautiful, unexpected and absorbing music-and there’s nothing else out there that sounds like it.

CCS048 in the media

Feedback: “

Tsugi - Benoit : Goooood one !!!


Shaun Reeves (W+L): Brilliant release from nico, per usual !


Mixmag UK - Ed Karney : Another truly beautiful realease from the insanely talented Nicolas Jaar. Will be reviewing this and giving it my fullest support.


Radhoo (Arpiar) : Very nice


Sascha Funke (Bpitch) : Genius ! Full score


Anthony Collins (Freak’n’Chic) : Materials is wicked


Marco Dos Santos (Social Club) : Nicolas Jaar est un artiste unique qui, à mon avis, va laissé une empreinte majeure dans la musique electronique au sens large.


D’Julz (Ovum) : La Classe !


Compost Radio Show - Michael : Very interesting, outstanding, like the strangeness and variety. Yep. Full support


Groove magazine : Lovely... review to follow


dOP - Damien : Circus is on the way to the top level, this ep confirm it..All 3 tracks are interesting,sensual and musical.Bravo ! - Carlos : Office situation, listening to 'Angels'. "Is that Arthur Russell?" "No, it's Nicolas Jaar." "Great track!" 'Nuff said.


Frank Roger (Real Tone) : Does nicolas is the son of Arthur Russell? Whatever haven't heard something like this since those golden years .. Really loving this !


 Varoslav (Supplement Fact) : Goood iike it full support!


Vincent Lemieux (Musique Risquée) : Réflexion ce matin en dégustant mon bol de gruau: cette musique est la trame sonore idéale pour les lendemains de brosse (brosse=cuite). Un peu de douceur bordel me merde. Y'a pas juste 3 heures du mat qui compte. Recommendé pour tous les dj de petits-déjeuners et à tous ceux qui aime leur toast beurrés des 2 cotés.


Cesar Merveille (Cadenza) : Amazing vibe, groove and sounds, i really like all the tracks, lots of charactere. Go nico go!!!


Claude Von Stroke (Dirty Bird) : Great for listening. Really nice music.


Adam Marshall (New Canada) : Wow - Awesome. roxy music meets some amazing... Really, really like.. : review to follow


Deetron : Amazing and refreshingly different EP - my favourite is Marks for club use. - Christopher : Constructivist cover took my heart at first sight. Music is as good as it is. I like it! Downbeat loveness. will play all! And write a review.


Laurent Garnier: Great ep for my radio show.


Soul Tourist - Ron : Super cool ep, this young guy has his very own style, i love it. full support! Thanks


Radio Salve (Rekids) : Digging "materials" ....will check the rest on the plane...thanx 10/10 x


Pierre (Lessizmore-Fuse) : Superb !


Lauhaus (intacto) : Inspiring EP. Love it !


M.A.N.D.Y. - Patrick : Elvis presley in the house;) great music! love every track.. outstanding.

Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “Really quirky, interesting and fresh but just not easy listening for me maybe too quirky and grating at times.”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “great release...full support!”

Reboot (Cadenza): “Some amazing music here. Nicolas Jaar is hot shit!!”

Ryan Keeling Resident Advisor: “Think Jaar is going to be nicely suited to the LP format and this single backs the theory up in my mind. ”

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