Greg Paulus

“What´s Mine Is Yours”

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Double Standard second vinyl only delivery is the debut release from one half of No Regular Play, Greg Paulus, with a sumptuous selection of wholesome music. Quickly building a reputation for well-made, somewhat obscure but always rewarding music, Double Standard introduces another member of the family in Greg Paulus. The five tracks on this vinyl only release are blended with a warm and natural touch, with Greg’s own vocals and live trumpet on each. Aimed away from the dancefloor, this is music for relaxing, contemplating and inspiring. Greg introduces his debut solo release with the rhythm and blues feel of title track ‘Whats Mine Is Yours,’ before drifting through to the undulating tones of ‘Part Of Me’, compete with a breakdown that cracks into dark rave synths before returning to its original blissful state. The live brass instrumentation and low spoken calls of ‘u r’ engage an experimental side to his production while the electro textures of ‘Suchashame’ and sharp foundations of ‘Hard Drankin Whiskey Line’ reach into a different part of the soul. “This release is the realization, sonically, of my journey from improvised/live performance to recorded music. It displays what I am able to do, when I have no limitations whatsoever, stylistically and instrumentally,” explained Greg. Being the son of classical composer, Greg Paulus grew up surrounded by music. He found jazz music through the sampling of hiphop legends J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest. After studying music and culture in Havana, Cuba, Greg moved to New York City to continue his studies in jazz/classical and develop his skills on the trumpet. During this time Greg studied and worked with many artists including James Brown drummer Jabo Starks and Lauryn Hill. After touring with indie band Beirut, he settled in Brooklyn to focus on electronic production with longtime friend Nick Debruyn. They subsequently formed the group No Regular Play and began releasing multiple records on Wolf + Lamb. Greg is curre

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