Robert Dietz

“Home Run”

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Are you feeling energetic? Actually, don’t even bother answering. Because after hearing Robert Dietz’ “Soup Opera,” you’ll have stamina for days. It’s a charging, standup bass burner that puts house sounds to techno purposes; it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a rainstorm at the open-air-a monster, simply put, that leaves you drenched and grinning from ear to ear. Frankfurt’s Dietz has been on fire for the past couple of years, turning out tight, percussive and above all memorable tech-house concoctions for the likes of Runing Back and Cecille Numbers, but none of his productions to date have had the full-on intensity of “Soup Opera.” Raw, Chicago hi-hats lash out against a rising/falling bassline as midrange drones and fluttering tones keep frothing higher and higher; the way he mans the filters feels more like sculpture than music, carving away the bass to create a dizzying sense of floating in space, until gravity comes crashing home again. Laced with birdsong, “Aurel in Wonderland” is a more pastoral affair, dappled with rich, acoustic percussive sounds, its African palette opening up into a bittersweet minor-key melody. For all its sensitive heart, the track’s got backbone, with a whipcrack jack offset by supple, unquantized drums; beat after beat, it’s a slack rope pulled taut, and the force sends you soaring into a galaxy of butterflies.

CADENZA52 in the media

Fe=derico Molinari (Oslo): “i love thisone!”

Feedback: “

Mathias Kaden (freud-Am-Tanzen) : i´m really into both songs from robert!!!thanksss


Dubfire : Love Robert's work so will def give this a proper listen


Sebo K (mobilee) :  Great work by robert! full support from me!


Alex Picone (Cadenza) : i like aurel in wonderland...


Lauhaus : impressive ep. love both sides.


Anja Schneider (mobile) : greatttttt!!!


Tsugi - Benoit : Soup opera is really energetic


Daniel Stefanik (Freud-Am-Tanzen): Massive bomb !!!


Felipe Venegas (Cadenza) : Great release, thx


Dorian Paic (Raum…Musik) :  Got it from Robert already and Soup Opera is the one for me. Nice club tune and I play it.


Marcus Fix (Cocoon) : Two amazing tracks from mister dietz, music is the answer.


Mendo (Cadenza) : Will play "Soup Opera" Amazing track !!!


Brothers’ Vibe (Mixx records) : Cool groove - airy feel!


Anthony Collins (Freak’n’Chic) : Aurel in wonderland  is very cool ,  nice melodies


Tolga Fidan (Vakant) : Aurel in wonderland  is very nice 


Glimpse (Crosstown Rebel) : Great tracks Robert. Full support !


Tiefschwarz – Ali : Aurel in wonderland  is the one for meThanks


Frank Roger : Aurel in wonderland is the one for me.. full support.. will play this version


Oleg Poliakov : Soup Opera is a dancefloor killer, like the atmosphere a lot. Fat !


DJ Sneak : Cool and simple track.


Nick Curly (Cécile) : Massive release from Robert, fulls support!


2000 And One : Great release!


Tobi Neumann : Aurel in wonderland is a sweet track. will try it out.


Radio Slave (Rekids) : gonnna check this properly tonight...


DJ Mag - Chris : Aurel in Wonderland gets my vote.


Kabale und Liebe : Souper! -) Soup Opera = rave music! Wonderland also nice


Deetron : Both tracks are really nice but I'll play Soup Opera most, great drive!


Los Update : Far out man , blew my mind. highly playable


D’Julz : Soup opera is hot! Cant wait to drop this one at Fabric next saturday.


Pablo Cahn-Speyer (Cadenza) : Great Release! My fav is Soup Opera, harmonic yet rolling. nice!

Gerd Janson (Running Back): “Home Run, indeed! Soup Opera is a unique rave rocket! ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “great tracks from robert!!! was in my june charts on NO.3!”

Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “this is more than a home run!!!!maybe my favourite ep this summer....melodic energetic music!great”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “massive ep from both tracks!”

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