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Welcome back to the highly acclaimed Loop Hotel! After Hotel1 hit the House-Hospitality industry by storm, part 2 continues the good vibes with 2 tracks based on a special ‘make it up then break it down’ formula. While the drums form the mirrored backbone for both A and B sides, the musical elements are refreshed with each track, allowing us 2 special cuts based on the same groove. Dial 2 for Room Service… ‘Room 201′ is a slow building, acidic workout in the very highest order of the phrase. Evolving from a solid and raw groove, a trippy, electronic chorus of addictive synthlines, squelching 303s and heavy metallic bass tones ensues. Dial 6 for Late Night Entertainment…. Stripping down the vibe to the basics, this slightly more stripped jam focuses on a driving bass synth line that combines with more sinister acid action to form a darker, more deviant journey. Such is the exclusive VIP clientelle of this hotel, we’re not at liberty to let slip who might be behind the studio door, but open your ears and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay! Tracklisting: A: Room 201 B: Room 202

HOTEL2 in the media

Feedback: “

Milton Jackson (Freerange)

my hotel room at sonar was actually room 101 and it made me think, "i hope the loop hotel guy(s) do another release soon" and they(he) did so nice! 4/5


Craig Richards (Fabric)

room 202 will put things in place at at 7 am 3/5


Steve Bug (Poker Flat)

loved the first one, love this one even more! smooth acid in my brain! ; ) 5/5


Brothers' Vibe (Mixx)

Will play!! 5/5


Claude vonStroke (Mothership)



Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur)

yeah...room 202 is wicked! 4/5


Phonique (Dessous)

will always stay at loop hotel! 4/5


Anthony Collins (Vakant)

room 201 is wicked 3/5


Osunlade (Yoruba)

love these room series! keep em coming! 3/5


Simon Flower (Moon Harbour)

201 is some top class wooziness. Love it! 4/5


Funk D'Void (Soma)

great little sparse grooves.... 4/5


David Durango (Dessous)

room 202 for me !!!!!! 4/5


Alland Byallo (Nightlight)

Love it! I'll have a stay in 202, please! 4/5


Danny Tenaglia (Silver)

thanx!! both good!! 4/5


Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades Of House)

fatness! .. keep it rollin 4/5


Nikola Baytala (S.W.A.T.)

damm this is sik!!!!!!!!! 5/5


Charles Webster (Defected)

nice melodic acidic stuff...thnx 3/5


John Digweed (Bedrock)

like that good stuff 3/5


Daniel Kampf (Cécille)

love it!!! 5/5


Franksen (You FM)

solid raw cuts. like version 1 even more. 3/5


Gruber & Nürnberg (Liebe*Detail)

Room 201 is a track for a special moment - I like! 3/5


Heike Reich (Female Pressure)

nice release. room 201 reminds me on steves bugs "behind the curtains" 3/5


Klaus Fiehe (EIns Live)

strong and powerful 201 - play it. 3/5


Hofer66 (Dub Ibiza)

fantastic hypnotic schizophrenic acidic bullshit. love it. full support! 5/5


MovinSounds (Ibiza Sónica)

ACIIIIEEED ! love the 303 squelches - combined with the cool and easy groove makes a fine tune ! thx 4/5


Harry Avers (Noice!)

a nice tool..... will find its way into many a record bag..... I like the steadiness of room 202! 4/5


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