“Chamber Music”

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Over the past 14 years London’s Oliver Ho aka Raudive has gathered a world wide following with his research into deep techno, through his legendary Meta label and with his unique DJ gigs from New York to Berlin to Tokyo. Introducing the Raudive alias, he created a reduced, sexy, dancefloor-centered wave of greatness for labels from Drumcode to Cocoon. This sound turned out to be highly attractive for the DJs to play and for the girls and boys to dance to. The unparalleled appeal of his beats left the usual minimal competitors sounding rather dull. Thus Raudive quickly became the blueprint of techno modernism and one of today’s most influential genre-bending production styles. With his “Cone” and “Paper” EPs he is now a key artist of the ever brilliant Macro family, and just having launched his own new Wires imprint, the man is more than on fire. Forming the hallmark of the Raudive saga, Macro unleashes the highly anticipated debut album - “Chamber Music". Chamber Music is both: claustrophobic in sound design, reminiscent of the dark and sweaty concrete club spaces this music inhabits, as well as carrying acoustic qualities of induced instrumental experimentalism. Bitches Brew voodoo reeds, New York no wave voices and European avant strings spin a mesmerizing dark patina around the ultra-sexy year-3000-rhythms. No wonder there’s huge DJ support all accross the board - from Miss Kittin to Richie Hawtin, Surgeon to Trevor Jackson, Ricardo Villalobos to Jeff Mills. Massive deep edge and one of 2010 finest albums so far! Tracklisting: 1 Is It Dark In Here 2 Cone 3 Paper 4 Over 5 Khaki 6 Brittle 7 X-Rays 8 Tul 9 Sienna

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Chloé (Kill The DJ) Amazing, brilliant, excellent!

James Holden (Border Community / !K7) This is really good.

Miss Kittin Everyone around asks what this is.

Trevor Jackson (Output, Playgroup) I adore ... Raudive makes the very best in intelligent abstract dancefloor mayhem.


Giles Smith (Secretsundaze) Great! Great sound design and vibe. Will play!


Mathias Kaden (Vakant) I’m totally into this new Raudive!! Great music!!!


Riley Reinhold (Taum/Trapez) Amazing! Sci fi Deep house and maybe I am already wrong with the categorisation here,

because it defies it by length. Last but not least “real music” made by a “real musician”. Music with no limits and no borders

in near sight. And who knows Oliver Ho from his hard techno days knows. He is a person not compromising on anything

for the sake of it. Impossible to pin down and that's what we call a creative mind, thanks good!

...not another boring well produced house tool for the Wanna Bs and pragmatists surrounding us.


Cio D’Or (Prologue) Very artful tracks with Asian & classical flavour in the middle of minimal, modern rhythms.

Very interesting sounds! Very intelligent minimalistique avantgarde music!


Laurent Garnier (F Com) Loooooove it! Really like the atmosphere here. Will play this a lot.


Alex Attias (Planet E) Slices of pure deepness.


GROOVE Mag: Unter Sachkundigen gilt ja bereits seit einiger Zeit der erste Versuch Oliver Hos auf Macro als beste Raudive-Platte ever.

Diese Adelung scheint der Gute sich zu Herzen genommen zu haben, denn auch „Paper“ erquickt durch experimentellen Übermut,

der in einem durchgängig dissonanten Streicherentwurf Ausdruck findet, welcher sich in völliger Autarkie über dem dezenten

Präzisionshouse entfaltet. „Brittle“ entwickelt über kleingeschnittene Samples ein nicht minder großartiges Verständnis, wie lange

sich ein Loop tragen kann, bis die Wände mit einem sprechen und der Himmel sich zum Kuss hinabbeugt. „Sienna“ schließlich knistert

 beatlos und erhaben und schließt Raudives neue beste Platte ab, die nicht nur technoaffinen Kunststudenten Momente der

 glücklichen Einkehr bescheren wird.


RAVELINE mag: Eine Techno-Rundumerneuerung an der Schnittstelle zwischen der Offenheit von Dubstep und der Stringenz der geraden Bassdrum.


DE:BUG Mag: Das wurde ja auch Zeit!


Adultnapper (Audiomatique):  Paper is a stunner. Such a crazy track, so original and weird. Love it!


Âme (Innervisions) Die Ambient Nummer "Sienna" ist wirklich ganz toll!


Benna (Harry Klein) Killer - einfach geil!


Colin Dale: Excellent music!


Dan Curtin (Metamorphic): Atmospheric and deep, very cool - can be used creatively in many situations.


Deetron (Music Man): Great release! I really like "Cone" a lot, it almost reminds me a bit of Weather Report or Zawinul's early solo work,

beautiful! "Khaki" is great too, really into the pads in there.


D’Julz (Rex Paris / Ovum) I will play “Paper”. Great production and vibe.


Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static) It's always a great joy when Raudive goes abstract. Outstanding release!! And even though I love bassdrums, "Sienna" is my favourite here.


Hardrock Striker (Skylax) Amazing release from Macro once again, you guys rule!


Harri (Sub Club Glasgow): Many thanks for these, liking all tracks especially “Tul”, full support!


JD Twitch (Optimo) Dig it!


Paul Woolford (2020 Vision) Thanks so much for these. I think Oliver is right at the cutting edge with his Raudive material, so it's great to hear these.

I particularly like how he's bending those acoustics so abrasively, yet with the rhythms remaining fluid. Fucking crazy. Bravo!


Radio Slave (Rekids) Sounds dope!


Ralph Christoph (c/o pop) Sehr speziell, großes Kopfkino. Ich mag das alles sehr!


Ripperton (Lazy Fat People): Thanx, Macro never stops to surprise me with every release and I love that! This Raudive one is really interesting!


Sian (Pokerflat) Sublime and also gritty.. I like it!


Till von Sein (Morris Audio) Wer hat die dicksten balls im game? Mama mia.. weit draußen schon wieder, ganz weit draußen.


Timo Maas (Cocoon): Sehr cooles Sounddesign alle Stücke!


Yoshitaka Shimada (Diskunion, ....Tokyo....) Lovely, this is brilliant!


Albert Koch (Musikexpress)  Wir wähnten ja schon länger, einen "Trend" erkannt zu haben in der elektronischen Musik hin zur friedlichen Koexistenz

von abstrakter Experimentierfreude und hoher Funktionalität. Das Debütalbum von Oliver Ho als Raudive ist ein weiteres Musterexemplar aus dieser Schule.

Wie sich im ersten Track "Is it Dark In Here" aus einer düsteren Berghain-Tropfsteinhölen-Paranoia ein von der Kickdrum vorangetriebener Dancefloor-Craze ergibt,

 ist schon eine kleine Sensation. Der Londoner DJ und Produzent verbindet das oft dunkelgraue, subsonische Ambiente des Dubstep mit deephousiger Atmosphäre

und den soundästhetischen Eigenwilligkeiten, die früher IDM genannt wurden: komplexe verzwirbelte Rhythmen, zwölftonige Klavierparts und ein ätherisch-verhalltes

Saxophon dringen in die Gehirnwindungen, währen ein straighter Beat in Richtung Dancefloor zeigt. Oder so: wenn Justice Free Jazz wären, wäre Raudive CHAMBER MUSIC.


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