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Terence Fixmer´s Comedy of Menace is the first artist album on Speedy J´s label since its launch in late 2008. With his distinct music style and personality, Terence caught his attention at a very early stage of the label. His first EP on Electric Deluxe ‘Machine’ (with Speedy J remix) was released in the beginning of 2009, followed by ‘Electric City’ (with Function & Speedy J remixes) in 2010.’Comedy of Menace’ is Terence fourth Album. He already released two solo albums on DJ Hell’s Gigolo, the seminal “Muscle Machine"single-handedly spearheading a new style, “Techno Body Music". This was a unique combination of modern Techno and EBM of the founding fathers from Nitzer Ebb (Whom Terence still has the Fixmermcarthy project with) and Front 242. His third album, “Fiction Fiction” was released on Terence Fixmer’s own imprint ‘Planete Rouge’ in 2009 with a more deep ambience, almost cinematic, palpable emotion and hypnotic rhythms. “Fiction Fiction” already showed the evolution in Terence Fixmer’s sound. While focussing on EBM exclusively with his Fixmermcarthy project, while shifting his solo productions and performances towards his unique interpretation of Techno today. ?A scene Terence is no stranger to - with working for Attack records, founded by his friend Emmanuel Top, and releases on Music Man, Datapunk, and Novamute he helped developing this genre since the early nineties. With ‘Comedy Of Menace’ Terence Fixmer created a true techno album, with an instantly recognizable pure sound, a deep and dark atmosphere throughout. The Album is in many ways hypnotizing and mental, yet keeps the energy and a effectiveness for the dancefloor. Terence explains: “I wanted that people can feel a soul, a story, and the sound of every track to open up the imagination of the listener, creating images in their minds… Its an art and a passion, my heart is bumping for electronic sounds. I love when the music is really coming from the heart of the machine, when the sound is pure an

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     IDJ Mag September Review: Terence Fixmer Comedy Of Menace Electric Deluxe [NED] 8/10 Whilst minimal techno has permeated - and since dissipated out of – the public consciousness, pure techno has never been more popular. One of many such LPs this year is this a fourth full length from Terence Fixmer. Full of precision, driving cuts as likely to feature in a Dubfire or Hawtin set as they are to be heard on a Berghain dance floor, Comedy of Menace veers from deep space to dystopian dance floor territory and does so with enough overarching consistency as to make it a rewarding listen. Mechanistic futurism litters pulsing sci-fi cuts like ‘Alert’ whilst frenzied digital tones characterise dark track ‘Dance like Paranoid’: polished and well produced, techno heads will love Comedy of Menace. Kristan J Caryl - Kristan Caryl (Ibiza Voice/Dj Mag/IDJ/Soonnight/Mixmag)

     fixmer is on fire lately! so good to see that name around more, and its clear he's not lost his fantastic production skills. ace album! "drastik" is for me!! - Eric Cloutier (Resident Advisor)

     Schön, dass Terence doch irgendwie, irgendwo immer noch alte EBM Zeiten durchschimmern lässt. Konsequente Weiterentwicklung seiner frühen Gigolo Releases. - Raveline

     review: 5/5 points. http://www.raveline.de/tontrager/longplayer/terence-fixmer-comedy-of-menace-electric-deluxe-was/ - Achim Schönwald (Raveline)

     Absolutely loving the sound of this. Pulsing darkside techno with a human heart and a revitalizing bit of warmth... very unique yet malleable. - Andrew Ryce (Resident Advisor)

     album review: http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=8381 - Andrew Ryce (Resident Advisor)

     http://vip.partyflock.nl/review/1186:Terence_Fixmer_Comedy_of_Menace.html - partyflock (Partyflock)

     Interview: http://teaandtechno.blogspot.com/2010/12/tea-with-terence-fixmer.html //

     in top 15 albums of 2010: http://teaandtechno.blogspot.com/2010/12/tea-favourites-albums.html - Tea and Techno

     Review: http://www.beatsandbeyond.com/Album-reviews/terence-fixmer-comedy-of-menace.html - Beats and Beyond

      Feature for ElectronicBeats.net http://www.electronicbeats.de/2010/07/terence-fixmer-hat-groses-vor-comedy-of-menace/ - Jonas Gemp (Groove Magazine/Electronic Beats/Prinz)

     review on the web site of djbroadcast - Rene Passet (Oor Magazine/DJ Broadcast)

     So many good tracks here I dont know where to begin. Solid. - Paul Daily (DJ Times)

     Good enough for SPeedy J, good enough for anyone. Great. // Review Currently on the front page of LMS: http://www.leedsmusicscene.net/article/13602/ - Leeds Music Scene

     Very mental techno, mastering the drums and dark ambiances. love My Experimentation. - Vitalic

     We fucking love this, proper techno vibe. - The Black Dog

     Respect to Terrence kicking it as usual, awesome album, my top highlight being, 'Alert,' evil synth biz! - Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe)

     And an other good surprise from Terence! he continues the changes we felt on Fiction Fiction, a modern sound without forgiving his dark techno roots. Great stuff. - Clement Perrin (Nightcode/Trax)

     great stuff, love the hiss,crackle and klang sounds, like futuristic industrial disco. - Oliver Ho (Blueprint/Meta/Raudive (Oliver Ho)/OLIVER HO AND TOMMY GILLARD PRESENT ATLAS)

     Really good stuff ! Drastik is my favourite - Jonas Kopp (Curle)

     cool opening; phantoms rules! Review will follow. Jensor (PNG) - Persona Non Grata

     Been looking forward to this for a couple months now, and it does not disappoint! Dark Line, Impakt, Drastik, Breathless, and Dance Like Paranoid will definitely get some rotation. My Experimentation could do some SERIOUS damage if played at the right time! Loving this LP! - Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Sound)

     Great album from Terence. 'Things Are Over' is still my favourite and I've been playing it at all gigs since it promo'd but there are some other gems on here. Thanks. - Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum)

     Like the sound from the previews. Gonna download and check it. - Surgeon (Ostgut Ton/Warp)

     Sounds very cool, will definetely review for BnB! - Erik Buis

     full support, thanks - Edit-Select (Ostgut Ton/Edit Select)

     Got this from Terrence BRILLIANT ALBUM Full support from me - Laurent Garnier

     like this - great tracks - Timo Maas (Cocoon Recordings)

     deep deep deep, but a stunning record. will feature. - Psycatron (BBC)

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