“The Mission Continues Vol. 1”

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As most people already thought electronica and chill out have been for ever spoiled and degraded to cheap sell out labels by those countless and tasteless lounge and Ibiza compilations, a CD came flying in, ready to save us from this jazzyloungychill-mess of the last years and re-new our perspective on this genre. This creation is entitled 2000 and Space and is nothing less than the latest project of Alex Azary and his from elektrolux to elux records re-labelled imprint, which has been responsible for various seminal projects and releases since beginning of the nineties. Especially with the euro wide broadcasted TV nightshow Space Night on Bavarian stations br and br- alpha, Alex Azary significantly contributed to establishing electronic sounds and music in German TV, film and other massmedia, even making it into feuilettons of prestigious German papers ‚Die Zeit’ and ‚F.A.Z.’. That was 1996 up to 2001. The last Space Night compilation Alex Azary compiled was Vol. 9. following attempts to keep the series going and benefit from the cult status of the series, can be described best as “me too". This in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the shows for which the music has been selected by Alex Azary still on air every night, after more than ten years… Now Alex Azary and elux records present their 2k version of this format in full HD and with fresh new tracks, entitled ‚2000 and Space’. Accompagning the TV Pilot (…on Blu-ray soon!) elux records presents ‚2000 and Space – The mission continues. Vol. 1’, a simply remarkable Double CD Compilation, assembling the most sought after and talented electronic artists and producers of now. CD1: Luna City Express - Orange Soft-Cake Tycho - Coastal Brake (Lusine Remix) Gui Boratto - Colors Fous De La Mer - No Fun Without You (instrumental) Espresso Del Lago - Cinquo Dias Gabriel Le Mar - Nova Bluez (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Remix) Jonson - A.K.U.S.T.I.K.E.R DJ Ino - Sweet Audiodrop - Endless Sun (Live) Pho

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