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The Something Vinyl Series continues this time with seductive House tunes and deep moments for the dancefloor and places beyond. Five tracks and four bonus loops makes this the next typical warm vibrating Something record, you have probably already expected. As the title suggests, it´s not a perfect clean and faultless production. There is the dirt and a sound inhabitant, for what STL records are well known for. Experimentations in the worlds of hardware based tone generators and at the limits of analog signal processors. The tracks also deliberately dispense much static computer arrangements and were recorded mostly in live sessions to capture the actual feeling for each song. Every being is a universe of it´s own, with all it´s known and unknown places. There are mistakes and inner strangers which are made to learn and grow. This record is a recent snapshot from someone´s life, where the love for music and sound is maybe the most beautiful mystery

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Efdemin (Dial): “stl never fails. ”

Philip Sherburne: “Always a treat to hear something new from Mr. Something. "Juggle It" is beautiful and slightly eccentric. "Seductive Temptation" is even better, a really special track. And I love what's going on in the last track... Freakazoid.”

Resident Advisor: “People seem to get excited about Stephan Laubner's diligent fascination with sound. Given the habitual singularity of the end product, it's understandable. Laubner himself makes no bones about its importance to his work and frequently uses every inch of vinyl space to squeeze on mini catalogues of single-bar loops. The tracks proper are deliberately long and mesmerising so that his adept programming can be afforded its dues. No waveform is an island, however. Music would of course be nothing without sound, but the reverse is also true and it is a consummate understanding of this symbiosis that prevails on STL's latest record for Something. The sound, for the most part, is certainly not pretty. The unkempt kicks and grubby trebles in "Fast Forward" are rather ruggedly handsome. Eccentric melodies in the bass and upper ends are similarly unsubtle but at once adroit. It might be daringly haywire, but there's no pussyfooting on this jam. The track paves the way for Laubner's evident improvisation to be contorted further on tracks "Easy Morning" and "The Something Like"—both of which owe as much to Miles Davis as they do to Dr. Moog—but not without a couple of less spontaneous interludes. The A-side's mini track "Juggle It" is a teasing workout in P-Funk. With its jellified bassline and rusty string pings, it sounds like a Dr. Dre sample you wish would go on just a bit longer. But that would be easy; it's too much like something you've already heard before. "Seductive Temptation"—although it plies more traditional harmonies—is anything but. Chords descend a minor scale like a slinky over organ pipes stuffed with feathers, while all sorts of metallic hits are arranged into a beat that jack built. Laubner likes to string things out and fair enough: This could go on all day.”

Richard Carnes (RA): “Laubner exceeds expectations again with a solid EP full of winners. Low slung, spaced out house music with plenty of idiosyncratic funk. Essential gear.”

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