“Greatest Hits”

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LabelCircus CompanyCat. No.CCCD008
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DOP.the Parisian trio of Clément , Dam, and JAW.have been on a tear since they burst upon the scene three years ago, riling dance floors with their strange, sexy, infectious brand of irreverently soulful house, and leaving writers scratching their heads at the same. Resident Advisor’s Todd Burns came closest to getting it right when he credited them with “trying to reenergize house music with horns, roses, vodka and a whole lot of vocals.” Greatest Hits does all that and more. The title is deliberately misleading: aside from the opening track, reprised from their first EP, this is all new material, and it’s a deeper, more deviant dOP than you’ve ever heard before. The three musicians aren’t just great showmen.something their drunken live sets amply prove.but also real musicians: before discovering house music, they played rock, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, classical, and African music, and they bring that wealth of knowledge to bear in their quest to turn dance music inside out. So while the record has plenty of slinky funk and dirty grind, it also explores far more diverse moods and grooves, from hot jazz to autumnal, orchestral folk. Some of the richness of Greatest Hits can be credited to Emmanuel d’Orlando, a French composer and arranger known for his work in theater, soundtracks, and with artists like Sebastian Tellier. His arrangements, performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, lend much of the album the darkly cinematic feel of a Sofia Coppola film. Down in their basement studio, the three musicians used virtually every instrument they own.horns, pianino, Chinese flute, harmonica, melodica, cajon, gongs, cuica, analog synthesizers, acoustic drum kit.and many of their friends stopped by to contribute. The acclaimed Calypso drummer Andy Narell plays steelpan drums. Their childhood friend and former bandmate Raphaël Gaiotti plays trumpet; Damien Dassaradanayadou plays street arp, a homemade guitar of his own design; Aquarius Caloni (Aquarius Heaven) lends

CCCD008 in the media

Feedback: “

Seth Troxler: I think the title says it all! dop has been one of the

greatest things to hit dance music since sliced bread.


Deetron: Absolutely amazing this album! I love the session kind of feel to it, sounds as if there were mistakes but it all just adds to the groove. Really hard to tell which one is my favourite but U R comes close for sure. Deaf Wagrant and Assurance Vie are also killers. Looking forward to testing some of the clubbier tracks too!


Dave Aju: Yyyeahh! So nice to see all the band's classics together on one greatest hits album! They're looking great in their old age on the cover too. bravo! nothing like ordering a happy meal on a love ride before your final dive...


Shaun Reeves: dop is dope


Lee Curtiss: Huge! Great release, full support!!!


Laurent Garnier: Crazy beats by the crazy frenchmen! Full support


Nick Höppner: Splendid album, guys! Really works for me. I very much like the fact that it's not so much about a happy dancefloor, but rather dark and gloomy. Too many good tracks to chose from, but if after one first listen "1 gram" is my favourite at the moment


Raresh: Cool greatest hits :)


Jimpster (Freerange): Some really lovely tracks here. especially blown away by New York. Obviously really looking forward to checking out the remixes for the more club orieted stuff. any chance?


Ernesto Ferreyra: How refreshing! stunnign album. No more daddy , Assurance Vie , U R & Final dive are my favourites... many thanks for the music!


Luciano: Big album of my favourtie freaks


Varoslav (Supplement Fact): Sublime ! great cd ! big up !


Matthias Kaden: i have to take my time to listen it in a quiet comes soon!!!!!!!


Alexkid: Don't need to listen... I know it is ace...


Karotte: Wohoo. great album from the boys!!!


Kiki (bpitch): Simply excellent! Can't wait to hear the remixes!


Sasha Dive: Nice album


Riva Starr: BIG BIG BIG!


Luciano: Big album of my favourtie freaks


Konrad Black: Bombs awaaaaay! Crazy fuckers. Woohoo!


Reboot: Great Album! I love it!!!


Robert Dietz: speachless! this is fucking dope music... these guys are

going to be huge!


Sasha Funke: They're the greatest


Ryan Crosson: you fuckers....uffff!!!! I wish I could heart more but I'm only allowed one. loving all the non dancefloor stuff. strongest and most complete work yet. great =)


Osunlade: One of their biggest fans..this is a real treat!!!


Dan Ghenacia: i love dop


Frank Roger: Rich, breakin the rules and expresing themself ! that's a very nice album right here with a long time life.. BRAVO DOP !


Riva Starr: BIG BIG BIG!


Stefan Goldmann: Nice one! Loving the production - everything sounds organic and rich. I wish more music out there had that quality.”


Dorian Paic: Super nice album ! Fall can definately come now...


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