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“Doesnt Matter,zev’s Endless Summer Remix” | “Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi Remix”

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No Regular Play are the extra talented Brooklyn duo that have an intrinsic understanding of bodymoving music. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is their best collection of tracks yet, eclipsing the listener in a heart warming bed of sound and slowly but assuredly guiding them into a new musical understanding. The Wolf + Lamb label has caused a revolution in dance, slowing down tempos and bringing more soul and song-based components to the genre. No Regular Play have been hugely instrumental in this change, their studies together in Cuba on Afro-Cuban rhythm, music and culture plus experience playing with James Brown, Lauren Hill, and indie band Beirut have led them to possess a thrilling and tightly structured talent in production. The title track ‘Doesn’t Matter’ twists and writhes with acidic synths and fantastical sounds, layered with as much retrospective as futuristic foresight, illustrating the truly insightful nature of NRP. One half of Wolf + Lamb and head of Double Standard records, Gadi Mizrahi pairs up for the first time with Crosstown Rebels’ lady of the moment, Deniz Kurtel to deliver its electrifying remix, armed with an arsenal of raw and distorted elements that set the dance floor alight. On the ip ‘Slide Away,’ is a wistful creation from NRP, lled with the live trumpet solos from Greg Paulus (one half of the band) merged with more mind-bending electronics and poignant undertones. For the final curtain the remaining half of W+L, Zev settles the package with his ‘endless summer remix’, revisiting the distorted electronics but softening with sweeping pads and a blissful aura. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ EP is as unique as it is pleasurable and possesses all the elements of another heart stopper from the W+L camp.

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Feedback: “

Soul Clap Promos: absolute fire from the best boys around. doesn't matter is dancefloor floating all nite and slide away is deep dopenezzz!


Matt Tolfrey: I am sure i will find a place for all of these tracks, but the original of Doesn't Matter is definitely the stand out track for me by some way.


Lee Burridge: loving the doesn't matter remix. ooooh, sexy pants!


Danny Tenaglia: thanks!!!


Maher Daniel: lovely deepness all over this package loving NRP its so hard to pick a favourite


DJ Three: great follow up to 'owe me' EP. 'doesn't matter' original, deniz & gadi mix and 'slide away' original mix all in straight into sets....... but not a dud in the lot here.


Robert James: Love the Deniz and Gadi remix, gonna be playing this alot.


Chris Duckenfield: Another forward thinking selection, need to bust them on something better than a laptop, will fire back a favourite, but all sounding high quality !


Anthony Collins: denis remix is wicked


Slam Orde: lovin it lovin it - most excellent


Luca C. (Kitsune'/Southern Fried): nice e.p will play 'doesn't matter'


Cosmo Vitelli: The Kurtel & Mizrahi remix is huge. Will play & chart


Dan Ghenacia: Nice package, i like all the tracks. will play denyz and gadi remix in club. peace !


Lee Curtiss: Amazing release from NRP. Great work all around.


Gavin Herlihy: Super cool vocals again from No Regular Play.. ALl tracks in my playlist.. Thanks


Damon Martin Disco Bloodbath: Nice EP all round but particularly liking the sleazy electro-funk of the Kurtel & Mizrahi mix.


Art Dept (Jonny White): Absolutely love everything NRP is doing.. one of the most unique and instantly identifiable sounds in house music today. We've been killing Slide Away for months already and looking forward to working out both mixes of Doesn't Matter.. keep'em comin'


Jamie Odell (Jimpster): Teaser is the one for me here. lovely stuff.


Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin


Simon Baker: Deniz Kurtel/Gadi mix is cool.


Diskjokke: Nice and dirty remix by Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi! Love it!


Droog (Justin Sloe): more great music from No Regular Play, will play for sure


Sebo k: nice one! the original is the one for me. will play for sure.


The Revenge: Nice package ... Digging Zev's mix the most. Thanks.


Tom Craven: Nice little EP. Really like Doesnt Matter (Original and Remix), got a wicked deep and big grooves. Cheers


Lee Foss: really good ep. . . really good ideas.


Kate Simko: Really nice!


Jamie Jones: Really like the Deniz Kurtel and Gadi remix, nice low slung stuff.


Kiki: great music! loving the originals of "doesnt matter" and "slide away"!


MANDY (Get Physical): Download for M.A.N.D.Y.


Steve Lawler: will download and pass on


Ivan Smagghe: great vocal... back from the sun... perfect...


Solomun: i prefer the remixes! hot stuff!


Silicone Soul: lovely stuff once more from W +L... deep n' blissed out perfect!


Milton Jackson: proper deepness, love the huge chords. Thanks


Ewan pearson: Another very strong W+L release. Can see myself playing everything on here.


Meat: i love w+l! great ep again!!!


Audiofly: will pass download to audiofly


Damian Lazarus: killer business, very hard to pick a winner from the 4. quality all round x


Severino (Horse Meat Disco): Deep...interesting...track 3 is my fav


Solomun: i prefer the remixes! hot stuff!


Silicone Soul: lovely stuff once more from W +L... deep n' blissed out perfect!

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