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Two true heroes of underground electronic music, Alex Flatner & Lopazz step up the game with this brand new outing on Poker Flat. The original version of ‚Dinosaurs‘ is a pacy, energetic jam with a super-solid bass foundation. Tracky, urgent and of course wonderfully produced, it harks back to the trippy, percussive sound worlds of classic Poker Flat releases from the likes of Guido Schneider. Paul Woolford hands in his ‚Mannheim‘ remix, which takes a freaky, percussive edge and steps up the energy even further in this amazing workout Tracklisting: A. Dinosaurs B. Dinosaurs (Paul Woolford’s Mannheim Beatdown Remix)

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Feedback: “

Milton Jackson (Freerange)

loving this, dark yet funky at the same time. thanks 4/5


Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour)

not sure yet what version i like better. will try them both. thanks! 4/5


Burnski (Air)

woolford remix is awesome 5/5


Craig Richards (Fabric)

straight to the front of the queue 4/5


Deetron (Music Man)

Very nice release, really cool vox and the beats in Paul Woolford's mix are really good fun! 4/5


Adultnapper (Poker Flat)

Digging Dinosaurs but still wish the synths would come in a bit earlier..great production sounds though. 4/5


Danny Tenaglia (Silver)

thanx!!! all good!!!! 4/5


Dubfire (Ideal Audio)

very cool one thanks 5/5


Martinez (Moon Harbour)

Yeah, Paul Woolford remix is dope...!! 4/5


Laurent Garnier (F Com)

niiiiiiicccceeeeee 4/5


Slam (Soma)

Love it Nice mix from wooly as well. 4/5


KiNK (Rush Hour)

Mr. Woolford`s version is completely crazy! both versions are really good dancefloor monsters! 4/5


Ellen Allien (Bpitch)

orginal mine.. 5/5


Marco Resmann (Upon You)

wicked rmx. will play! 5/5


Michael Reinboth (Compost)

Groove is good, vox good, all in nice! 4/5


Phonique (Dessous)

nice one! both are great! 5/5


Sebo K (Mobilee)

very nice release! full support. 4/5


Hermanez (Leena)

Strong Release ! I dig the original one and the remix too 4/5


Toni Rios (Soap)

paul woolfords rmx for me. full support. 5/5


Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong)

great Release from the guys! 4/5


Anthony Collins (Vakant)

paul remix is super cool 3/5


Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur)

wicked rmx! 4/5


Joel Mull (Audiomatique)

I really dig the original Dinosaurs track. Woolfords mix is also a banging. Will try out both. 5/5


David Durango (Dessous)

both version is best but my fav. is the original 5/5


Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil)

bomb release! 5/5


Karotte (Cocoon)

paul woolford rmx is cool. will play this one. 3/5


Konrad Black (Wagon Repair)

Cool...lovin' this. Great remix too. 4/5


Ben Gomori (Pacha, London)

Techno. Proper wiggly shit, another cracker from Wooly! 4/5


Matt Masters (Freerange)

Very nice indeed. Loving the beats! 4/5


Ante Perry (Moonbootique)

Wow! Really flashed by the original! But also Paul mix is will be played! 5/5


Mijk Van Dijk (Blu Fin)

Good one. 3/5


Oliver Klein (Mutteki)

very good release!! both mixes have the power for a hit! 4/5


Patrick Kunkel (Cocoon)

good work again from Alex & Lopazz! 5/5


Crazy Erg (Soap)

great. dark! techno 4/5


Simon Baker (Infant)

Liking wooly's mix , will give this a try out for sure. 3/5


Makossa (G-Stone)

nice tracks 3/5


Sasch BBC (Time Warp)

awesome release! will play and chart! this is gonna be a big hit! 5/5



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