“Obscured By The Machines” | “Introverted Dubs Of Izhevsk City”

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Izhevsk - a small city located in the Western Urals area of Russia. It’s basically known for its military industry that produces nearly every piece of NATO’s nightmare weapons on the planet. It was a closed city during Soviet times and it’s still hard to reach as it stands away from the big communication routes and hubs. It’s surrounded by small towns producing stuff like long-range ballistic missiles and chemical weapon storages. If there’s going to be a nuclear war, no doubts - the first intercontinnental missile will fly to Izhevsk. A very optimistic image, isn’t it? Taking into acount all that, it’s really hard to understand the fact that Izhevsk is also known as ‘the electronic music capital’ of Russia. Even before the computer music boom it was known for the strongest alternative music scene in the country. There definitely is some obscure power that feeds the inspiration of people who create while living in such surroundings. This compilation will give you the perfect sence of it. Tracklisting: 01. 08 - Dropsdown 02. Eclectic Sound - Goodbye Illusions 03. 08 - Anaye 04. An-2 - Wings 05. KS - Odin 06. Amberflame - Traces 07. Eclectic Sound - Mysterious Forest 08. Mr. Aztec - Motel Desire 09. 08 - Bodyhunger 10. Sny - The Third Winter Song 11. Alexey Agapov - L’histoire Romanesque

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