Nicolas Jaar

“Love You Gotta Loose Again (10" White Vi”

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A1 WOUH B1 Love You Gotta Lose Again B2 Don’t Believe The Hype If you haven’t already been introduced, be prepared to be astounded by the truth and beauty in the music of Nicolas Jaar. ‘Love You Gotta Lose Again’ is a special edition 10 inch all white vinyl and Double Standard’s fourth release in an outstanding run of body loosening musical creations on Gadi Mizrahi’s pioneering imprint. Kicking off with the unhurried ssures of ‘WOUH’, a time stopping piece set to distract and provoke new observations with each listen. Typical of Jaar’s pieces, ‘WOUH’ threads sparse arrangements, quirky gulps of sound and electric ambiance in a complex tapestry of engulng harmony. The anthemic ‘Love You Gotta Lose Again’ moves into contrasting boundless activity with broken beats, triumphant singing and pleasant guitar licks. The track is laden with allure and magnetism and made for endless enjoyment at any time. ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ retreats into mystique again - a cascading mass of body moving sound simmering with broodiness and secrecy, it is short, sharp and succinct in its action to arouse the listener’s senses. Nicolas Jaar will release two of these original cuts of his ‘Inés’ compilation this winter, through his own Clown & Sunset imprint, while the captivating ‘WOUH’ is exclusive to this release. Recently hailed a ourishing young star by the Guardian newspaper, 20 year old Jaar is inspiring ears and eyes around the world with his original musical approach. Born in NYC where he currently resides, his early years spent in Chile created a multi-cultural nature to his music that resonates far and wide. Gadi Mizrahi is one half of the musical partnership Wolf + Lamb and Double Standard is his solo venture aiming to deliver non-conformist dancefloor music from those closest to his heart.

DS04 in the media

Feedback: “

Dolan Bergin: Really nice tracks and production sounds spot on. Will play "Love You Gotta Lose Again" on Friday, im sure it will sound ace on a decent system. Thanks for sending


Chris Duckenfield: Superb stuff, a great selection with 'Love You Gotta Lose Again' being the immediate fave Thank you !


Nathan Gregory Wilkins: Nicholas Jaar is one of the most original producers on the planet right now. This is an absolutely stunning release.


Anthony Collins: very cool ep !!


Damian Lazarus: downloading x


Tiefschwarz: amazing!


Phonique: can't get enough of nicolas music!


Mister Shiver: Refreshingly different.... Mr Jaar is crazy stoopid FRESH!!!!


James Priestley: great stuff as always from nicolas, thanks..


Mark Henning: wouh is great, thanks


Lee Curtiss: Nico's music absolutely amazing! Love this release!


Hector: Great ep full support !!


Maher Daniel: nice and deep nic always delivers full support


Lee Foss: love wouh, cool ep


Dubfire: downloading for dubfire


Butane: the music is really nice but I threw up a little bit when I read the press sheet.

Soul Mekanik (Kelvin): Nicolas Jaar is the most exciting new artist I've come across in years! This new set confirms this yet further. All the rules are gone. Fantastic. Thank you.


Ame: thanks!


Meat: more dope tracks. coolio!!!


Luca C. (Kitsune'/Southern Fried): love you gotta lose again is my favourite one


Sebo k: beuatiful release! loving it!


Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin


Damon Martin Disco Bloodbath: Nice n deep.


Droog (Justin Sloe): Nice EP, WOUH starts a bit moody but makes the wait worthwhile in the beautiful ending.


Ryan Crosson: Nico continuing to grow and taking great steps forward with his style. Amazing music as always. WOUH is the one for me.


Ewan pearson: Beautiful tracks all of them. I think WOUH is my favourite off the bat, but I'm going to playing them all.


Chris Bourne: Truly inspiring. Been wait for this. C


Kate Simko: Super cool and creative EP, thanks for sharing.


Tom Craven: Believing the Hype on 'Dont Believe the Hype' - dark, moody, sinister! Lovely stuff!!


Richie Ahmed: mint


Slow Hands: 3 great tracks. WOUH and Love You Gotta Lose Again are standout.

Ashley Wild (Playset): beautiful arrangement across the 3 pieces. inventive, forward thinking and something to get lost in.


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