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“Sweat (on The Walls) The Remixes”

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Huge new Martin Landsky remix of one of the biggest Poker Flat tunes ever!! Poker Flat Classics proudly presents the fi rst ever remixes of one of the biggest Poker Flat tunes. John Tejada‘s seminal classic from waaaay back in 2004 has provided the soundtrack to many a night of lustful abandon, all over the globe. Thanks to its success we‘ve decided to keep the fl ame alive with this new package celebrating a very special moment in modern underground house music. Gracing the A side is a rather special rework by Poker Flat mainstay Martin Landsky. His 8 minute acidic workout revolves neatly around the original‘s unmistakable synth theme and vocals, and injects it with that special intuition that only Landsky can create. Reduced, sexy and devilishly cool, it‘s a powerful ode to this never-forgotten classic. For those that missed it the fi rst time around the original 2004 version is included here in all its full glory! Poker Flat‘s recent addition to the team, Donnacha Costello, contributes an awesome tripped out mix that makes perfect sense on the dancefl oor! Frenetic, yet delightfully reduced too, it‘s a deeper slice of techno oozing with style and Costello‘s trademark melancholy synth work. Tracklist: A: Sweat (On The Walls) (Martin Landsky Remix) B1: Sweat (On The Walls) B2: Sweat (On The Walls) (Donnacha Costello Remix)

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Feedback: “

Josh Wink (Ovum) 

Loved the orig. Donnacha rmx is a nice alternative.


Heidi (Radio 1) 

I loved the original....and both of these remixes are wicked.....but will probably play the landsky mix....more my speed. 4/5


Deetron (Music Man)

Both remixes are great, nothing can beat the original but I think I'll play the Donnacha Costello version now! 5/5


Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space)

love john tejada! 4/5


Alex Niggemann (Soulfooled)

Landsky Remix is what I need! Big tune! 4/5


Manik (Poker Flat)

This is probably one of my fav PF tracks of all time and its what got me into this sound in the first place. So at first, I wasn't sure I Wanted this touched, but Matin and Donnacha did a great job! Im sure Mr. Tejada approved too! 5/5


Phonique (Dessous)

martin's remix for me 4/5


Anja Schneider (Mobilee)

really love already the Martin Landsky Mix but Donnacha gives them also a very special feeling for the special moments. great.


Burnski (Poker Flat)

mr L does a nice job! will give it a go in south america this weekend l;) 4/5


Craig Richards (Fabric)

Always loved this record. The remixes are great. 4/5


Kasper Bjørke (hfn music)

CLASSIC!! Looove the remixes too ! 5/5


Martinez (Moon Harbour)

Landsky's rework is cool and the original is still such an amazing piece.. !


Agoria (Infiné)

The Donnacha costella is the one for me here. thanks.


Solomun (Diynamic)

martin landsky ! yeah :) 4/5


Anthony Collins (Mule Electronique)

original is still great !!


Laurent Garnier (F Com)

Another funky bomb from the one and only mister Tejada ................Full support of course  5/5


Joris Voorn (Rejected)

Really nice Landsky mix! 4/5


Camea (Clink)

LOVE! 5/5


Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur)

great remixes of this classic! 4/5


Joel Mull (Audiomatique)

Love the Original. But the Costello mix will be played too!! Start this weekend at ADE. :D 5/5


James Flavour (Dirt Crew)

ländsky mix please. fat! 4/5


Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil)

Supercool Martin Landsky Mix & original still sounds fresh. 5/5


Gruber & Nürnberg (Liebe*Detail)

The Original is one of my favourites on Pokerflat!! I really like both remixes, but my fav is the Martin Landsky RMX...And the original is maybe the best track ever from John Tejada...all time classic! 5/5


Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong)

I was really surprised..while the Martin Landsky mix sounds too oldschool for me - the Costello rework is really different but still keeps the vibe of the original. Thx for this. 4/5


Patrick Chardronnet (Poker Flat)

sehr fette platte!! alle mixe sehr geil!!! martin`s mix klingt so richtig pokerflatig,und fresh vom sound!! tolles ding!! donnacha,beautiful trip!!! 4/5


Peter Armster (Wordandsound)

ACE! 5/5


Discordia (Raveline)

awesome package 5/5


David Durango (Dessous)

very nice remix and the original masterpiece forever...=) 4/5


Brothers' Vibe (Mixx)

Cool mixes...Tks! 4/5


Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NYC)

hard to pick a favourite out of these two remixes, with martin landsky's being true to the funky nature of the original, yet donnacha takes it to a heady, spaced out version. all in all, the original still has so much power, even six years since its release.


Louis Osbourne (Mija)

Ooooohhhhh Yeah....... The Landsky mix is HOT!!! It makes me wanna wiggle! lots of love for this one.... :) 5/5


Shinedoe (100% Pure)

will play orignal, the other track sound also good.


Tobias Koch (Fritz)

martin landsky remix is awesome!!! 5/5


Mike Spirit (Kazantip)

Donnacha rocks! really love this track but remixes are brilliants! 5/5


Alexi Delano (Frankie)

So dope!! 100% support! 4/5


Moodymanc (Dessous)

nice mixes! Landsky for me!!!


Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware)

super paket, alle versionen sind top! wird gespielt + gechartet.


Karotte (Cocoon)

great remix from martin from this classic. 4/5


Dan Mangan (Kiss FM)

Literally a week after I made an unconscious decision to start playing the original again - here come these mixes! Perfect timing, Landsky mix is brilliant, thanks. 5/5


Dubfire (Ideal Audio)

cool ep thanks 5/5


Ptoile (Clique)

a classic I am not getting tired of. :) 4/5


Lele Sacchi (Soundplant)

I guess like everyone in the world have been waiting for good Sweat remixes since it came out!!!! And HERE THEY ARE 5/5


Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades)

love the shuffle Martin brought to the track . Donnacha's mix is the tune that makes people take their clothes off at 7am! HOUSE MUSIC! 5/5


Simon Baker (Infant)

Martin Landsky remix is great!!! Will play. 4/5


Roual Galloway (Faith)

still sweating 4/5


Jussi-Pekka (Frozen North)

Cool remix päk! :) 4/5


Bearweasel (Murmur)

i still play the original now and again, so this is a treat. both Martin and Donnacha deliver. 4/5


Eva Pacifico (Ibizarre)

didn't know the original, but find the Donnacha a pleasant flight,,,,well done to recupe jewels of the past! 4/5


Nicolas Matar (Cielo)

Amazing RMx! Full support!!!! 5/5


Mijk Van Dijk (Blu Fin)

GREAT Landsky Remix. Relentless bassline, love it.... 4/5


Franksen (You FM Clubnight)

landsky rockin it in style! lovely roughness. 4/5


Liam Arnold (Radio Magnetic)

Cracking remix package - this is an absolute anthem, and it's great to see how it gets reworked. The Donnacho Costello remix sounds awesome with it's minimal analogue groove, and Landsky's peak time banger works as a perfect counterpart... 4/5


Harry Avers (Noice!)

Holy smokes.... Martin Landsky's mix is sweaty nice 4/5


Danny Tenaglia (Silver)

thanks!!!! 4/5


Matt Masters (Freerange)

Second time around with these remixes its going to be huge again... 5/5


Adam Saville (DJ Mag)

Deep, bouncy and downright sexy. I like this with a cherry on top... big tune!


Ante Perry (Moonbootique)

A big classic tune with huge remixes! Mr. Landsky did an amazing job!!!! 5/5


Break 3000 (Dirt Crew)



G. Digger (Wordandsound)

Landsky natürlich! wie immer! 5/5


Makossa (FM4)

aciid .. orig version sounds nice to me 4/5


tobitob (Moonbootica)

Original is still the best...


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