Jay Haze Feat. Laila Tov/ R. Villalobos

“I Wait For You”

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With a history like Jay Haze its hard to find the place to start. It doesnt make sense to describe the career, and it doesnt make sense to describe the person. so lets just say it like this, heres a new record from Jay. the title track “i wait for you” features the lovely Laila Tov on vocal duties ,she was previously featured on the single “fall into me” from the latest `Fuckpony album on Bpitchcontrol, Berlin out in october 2009. This song is purely infectious, it has a groove for everyone and an immensely positive vibe. the flipside is where “the darkest disco” lives , this track was one of the last recorded songs in Jay’s studio in Mitte, and happened when long time collaborator Ricardo Villalobos stopped by the studio unannounced late in the evening- turned on the machines and started hitting keys and buttons. Its warm, has long builds and a vibe which can only culminate when these dudes are together. we are still creating space for details- always hoping you notice.

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Feedback: “

Lee Burridge – “Jay, you made my something tingle in my panties. thanks. It's been years. Both tracks rock my panty line!”


Riva Starr – “I Wait For You… Love it!!”


Lee Curtiss – “Jay & Ricardo! Top Notch!!”


Lee Foss – “I Wait For You is cool!!”


Chris Tietjen – “I love this release!”


Gorge – “I LOVE I Wait For You!”


Hot Chip – (Joe) – “Darkest Disco sounds like fun!!”


Appleblim – “Lovely vocals on i wait for you, and darkest disco sounds deeeeep   will support both for sure ”


Paul Woolford – “'Darkest Disco' sounds good as mood setter, albeit a warped one...!”


Sascha Dive – “What a nice release.”


Rhadoo – “Darkest Disco for me!”


Paul Ritch – “5 STARS!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!”


Monika Kruse – “Both tracks are great!”


Massi DL – “The Darkest Disco is really cool. I like it!”Seth Troxler – “I like the Acid of I Wait For You.”


Silicone Soul – (Craig) – “"I wait for you" is really spiritual - great music & nice grooves on 'darkest disco' too - take it all the way home!”


Stephan Bodzin – “LOVE both tracks!”


Laurent Garnier – “2 brilliant trippy monsters. Looooove it!”


Nicolas Jaar – “Darkest Disco" has nice claps, great background noise and good kick work."


Ben – (DJ Magazine UK) – “Really cool release. Me likey!!”


Thilo – (Groove Magazine Germany) – “A profession of love!”


Raveline Magazine Germany – “Cool release with a cool vibe!!!”


Ed Karney – (Mixmag) – “Two more really strong tracks from Jay, The Darkest Disco is pretty special!”


Littlewhiteearbuds.com – “This is up for consideration. Will let you know if we review it.”


Troy Pierce - "The Darkest Disco is nice."  


D'Julz - "Into the Darkest Disco. Full support." 


Radio Slave - "Always great to hear a new release from Jay Haze, and this is sick...Will test ‘em out this weekend!"


Craig Richards - (Fabric) - "The Darkest Disco is excellent!!"


Danny Howells - "I Wait For You is awesome!!"


Ellen Allien - "Play it since a while.. hit in my sets.. love it!" 


Anja Schneider - "Great great Great! Love the the Darkest Disco..! Ever did " 


Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) - "Great release, love I Wait For You." 


Andy Baxter - (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) - "Really nice deep techno vibe, with a great bass, and always clever rhythms." 


Nick Warren - "Fabulous release, a real breath of fresh air!" 


Ryan Crosson - "The Darkest Disco will get some play!" And.id - "Great! Love the vocal in A-side!!" 


Sebo K - "I love it! Both sides! Will play and chart!" 


Okain - "Killer release! I will play I Wait For You a lot." 


Joris Voorn - "The Darkest Disco is great!" Maetrik - "Really classy record as usual. I'm really liking both Cutz!" 


The Glimmers - "The Darkest Disco is nice!!" 


ZDAR - (Cassius) - "It's just dope!! I love Jay Haze music since a long time always full of elegance.. always super!"


Alex Wolfenden - (Cafe Mambo & Space Ibiza) - "Quality production twisted warped beautiful beats full support!"


UNER - "Simply amazing! Laila tov's voices really sensual and the Darkest Disco...no words.... "


Chris Lattner - "Nice ep overall...special tracks for special moments...i will play them."


 Kiki - "Super! Have been waiting for quite a while to get myhands on this and will surelyplay to death!" 


Lauhaus - "Amazing tracks!!"  


Reboot - "The Darkest Disco is a bomb!"


Wally Lopez - "I Wait For You..Good one..will play both tracks... support!"


Samuel L Session - "The Darkest Disco is really cool and different, me like!


Andrew Grant - (DC-10) - "I Wait For You...YES!!!!" 


Kabale und Liebe - "Wow I Wait For You is a beauty! Nuff said. good night, laila tov!" 


Monika Kruse - "Both tracks are great."


Diesel - (X-Press 2) - "The Darkest Disco is a nice groover."


Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "The Darkest Disco is perfect for me... Full support on my next gigs." 


Makossa - (Radio fm4 / Vienna) - "I Wait For You sounds like a hit." 


Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) - "Two sublime cuts. Class." 


Victor FL - (DJ Magazine Spain) - "Really love I wait for you, quirky voices, bleeps and incredibly groovy rhythms! Top track!" 


Russell Deeks - (i-DJ magazine) - "Not so keen on IWFY but liking Darkest Disco a lot." 


Debug Magazine Germany - "Review to follow."


Till von Sein - "Wow!...wow!..I wait for you is killer! Love it amazing vibe..Darkest disco superb as well."


Daniel Stefanik - "Love the dubby vibe!!!" 


Brothers' Vibe - "I Wait For You ft Laila Tov is simply amazing!"  


Kasper - "Love The Darkest Disco. Amazing tune."  


Basti Schwarz - (Tiefschwarz) - "Will play I Wait For You loud.." 


Mihalis Safras - "Fantastic!! From the Neuton days to the top! Will chart the aside." 


Agoria - "Great ep. Will chart it!!"


Raresh - "Darkest disco for me!!" 


Norman Nodge( Berghain) - "Intense, deep trips." 


Brodinski - "I Wait For You is Sick. Love the vibe. Groovy as fuck. I will support it for sure." 


Willie Graff - (Pacha/Cielo) - "The Darkest Disco has a very nice flow. Classic sound that never dies." 


Matthew Dear - "Thanks for these. Full support!" 


Kasper Bjorke - "Darkest Disco is hot!" 


Sascha Funke - "I Wait For You is so sweet!!" 


Paco Osuna - "Ricardo and Haze for me, Nice!"  


Timo Maas - "The Darkest Disco is very cool!!" 


Federico Molinari - "Nice ep! Full support!" 


Anthony Collins - "Jay in mega top form KILLER ep!!!"


Maetrik - "Can't choose a Favorite...both are pure class as usual from Jay & Ricardo......full support!" 


Nick Curly - "Wicked release, support!"


Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) - "Darkest disco is a proper journey tune. Loving it." 


Martinez - "The Darkest Disco is dope!"


Bushwacka! - "Really different....great vibe."


 Deetron - "The Darkest Disco is amazing, love the bassline! Really cool vox in the original too."


Luca Bacchetti - "Amazing productions! I love both sides! Ying & Yang!" 


Federico Grazzini – (Zoo Project Ibiza) - "Simply.... SUPER! Full support!" 


Dennis Ferrer - "I Wait For You is coolio!!" 


Marc Romboy - "Darkest disco is nuthin but cool disco!!!!!!!"



media: “

Woody: “nice release, thanks for da vinyl!”

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