Falko Brocksieper

“Frantic Formula”

TREIB093 scanZoom inLabelTreibstoff
Cat. No.TREIB093
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He’s back with one of his best releases in years: Falko Brocksieper, artist in residence on Treibstoff, labelhead of the freshly resurrected Sub Static roster, DJ and master of small gestures with big impact. His „Frantic Formula“ doesn’t so much indulge in contemporary trends, but harks back to the classic expertise of Brocksieper’s oeuvre, being light-footed and pushing forward at the same time. The playful and yet stern sequences of the ep’s title track are the best example for this, trotting along in a relaxed manner without ever deciding if they just wind down or start to run. The basis for this beautiful hybris are always a particularly healthy bass and friendly harmonies, that lean heavily towards sweet melody, but never get trapped in hokum. One suspicion is quickly confirmed: this guy must be in possession of powerful secret ingredients. How else could one explain this constantly successful balancing act between experiment and functionality?

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