Bruno Pronsato

“Anybody But You”

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The latest from thesongsays brings back one of our main players - Bruno Pronsato. What’s he been up to you might ask? Aside from completing his album Lovers Do, working on music with Thomas Melchior and Daze Maxim and putting out records as Pubic Lover with our leading lady Ninca Leece, not much… Maybe he’s been in the rafters sipping coffee or understudying for bigger roles. Who knows. Nonetheless he’s back. These two new tracks come from his upcoming LP, Lovers Do. It’s a single, sort of. But not really. Because when has Bruno ever done a single like we know a single? This 12-inch is about as far as you could get from club fodder. Rather, it’s a pair of subtle grooves to soundtrack you cutting carrots, sipping whiskey, or dancing at some intimate afterhours spot. Prima Piatti: “Anybody But You"– Here Bruno sets a wobbly vibraphone over a steady bass line and threads of indistinguishable vocals - sort of like a drunk Prince off his Parade album. With a touch of jazz and a dash of techno, “Anybody But You” becomes a perfect tune for the adventurous Djs out there. An opener, a closer. Secundi Piatti: “Feel Right"– Bruno invites friends, producers and casual acquaintances to lend their voices to a track whose main theme is them. With almost 50 contributors including the likes of Vera, Margret Dygas, Anthony Collins and Marc Schneider telling you to ‘feel right,’ how can you not? As the aforementioned group (humbly known as The Berlin-Super-Human-Choir) drives the message home, a tangle of odd noise holds the track together, floating alongside a thick bass line and Bruno’s battery of off-kilter percussion.

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