Frivolous/ Grifin/ Tilman/ Leif

“Klamauk #3”

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A1 is contributed by frivolous, a familiar face to anyone following house music’s creative output over the past eight years. he is known for his excellent live acts, the track on this release features one of those. we admire his gift to create a tasty music cocktail by mixing jacking rhythms with a some big-band jazz and a hint of humor. frivolous, aka daniel gardner also rocked labels like scape and cadenza with his incredible unique sound. A2 comes from never resting parisian underground activist grifin. two years ago we were already excited by his demos. since then, he has produced many tracks that prove to his talent for groovy beats mixed with a huge amount of samples and small sound snippets. we also love the selection of artists on his own label silicate. in „up-class“ he mainly promotes straight forward bouncing beats and a kick ass vocal, which meets our taste for slapstick. B1 is done by klamauk’s home grown tilman. his rolling funky basslines recently also hit (together with pit spector and grifin) the 21st release on cabanne‘s minibar label. the track on 003 is certainly a freakish one for freaky dancefloor moments - jerking of soundbits and bites while keeping the peace between the frontiers. the sounds first ame from aluf in greece, the arrangement actually is inspired by the movie hurt locker. when the movie got the oscar, tilman had his name for the track. B2 we are still glad to have met leif at MTW in offenbach when we heard him play live with tom ellis that night. his track „alphabetti“ pounds and grooves like hell. kind of like hard rocks and smooth hills from his homeland, wales. the organs and the vocals did it at least for our ears. this is also the third (of five) manually colored vinyl edition. on saturday the 25th of september we painted the black and white print with four acryl colors. this time we used two old bicycle tires for painting. special thanks to dennis for writing 500 numbers on the back of the cover! thanks to marcel from the

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