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Volume Two turns deeper. Listen. Dig further. Acidic meltowns and bass thrusting. Let the music speak for the music. Artist unknown. Their was once a time when most artists producing techno music were living anonymously amongst their music releases. It was a time where you wondered who the individual/s making such sounds were and what if any message they were trying to convey. It was a time when the internet was not available to the public and was unheard of by most. A time where techno records were being released from only a handful of countries. A time where there was no European Union. A very distinctive style of techno would appear from each of these places. It was a time where word spread about music not by text in pixels and lights but by mouth , facsimile and a few magazines, fanzines often produced in a language not of your own. All of this anonymity provoked much thought when listening to the music. The music literally spoke for itself with no hype or image factor of the person behind the music. Then came the internet. The super highway of information. Much of the anonymity factor in techno quickly faded away. The loss of mystique in the scene would soon diminish with many respected artists pushing more for image then the music itself. As the end of the last decade came about an unorganized revolution in techno started to form. Suddenly over a few months time a slew of anonymous of techno releases from different artists helped lead the techno scene back to it’s proper form. Where some might think it has now all gone a bit cliche , “The Secret Initiative” see’s itself this movement as an important step in the evolution of techno. The anonymity factor has helped bring forward, advancement in style & sound design. It has given the chance for many an artist who have been expected of creating a certain style to drift off into other stylistic territories. It has also given the chance for newer artists to step on board and represent themselves. Let’s face

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