“Flying Objects”

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SPECIAL PRICE OFFER! 8,99 euro (no return rights) tracklisting: A1: Dark Energy A2: Moving Up A3: Spook A4: Loop A B1: Don´t Follow Me B2: Evil Smile B3: Loop B C1: Like This C2: Air Raid Sirens C3: Loop C D1: The Unfamous D2: Sugarcat D3: Loop D Once again two flying something objects are located in the orbit, waiting for permission to land on your turntables and in the lay-by of your recordbag. This time with 13 pieces of STL deep shakin house madness, mindscratching lo-fi grooves, cranky energized synth activities, dope loops and sound effects. All pressed on a delicious double vinyl album with a limited printing of 500 covers! The music is all hardware based and sequenced. Recorded in live sessions without any computer arrangements. Surely the style is not for everyone and compared to others, probably seems a bit unconform, cat-headed or sometimes just different. But it´s always true spiritual. An open minded artform with the sense for functionality. Every track is talking to you in musical form without any barriers straight down to your feet and feeling. As in all something releases there is much sound personality and imagination inside, giving the listener a ticket to the fascinating world of beat orientated something music. Get on board and enjoy the trip.

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