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Itís an album, Itís deep, Itís acid, Itís fragile, Itís party, Itís lonely, Itís all together, Itís music itself, Itís special, Itís RVDS with his Moments. After the EP ĄWaiting, Kiss and Loveď comes the album now. Inspired by classic deep and acid house. Good to listen to these old Instruments: TR-808, Roland JP-6, Wurlitzer E-Piano and some other specials combined with new accents, but always a love to Detroit music. Tips: ĄAcid dreamď and the vocal track ĄPainď. RVDS is Richard von der Schulenburg. Since 2005 he is a resident DJ at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. 2008 ĄItísď realized his first house track EP “Lost whistle". 2009 he started the “Sky Walking” project with Lawrence and Christian Naujoks (both Dial artists). 2010 he made support for Kyle Hall and Anthony Shakir. Tracklisting CD 1. Rainy day 2. Pain 3. Things for U 4. Clear Moments 5. Acid dream 6. Bitter sweetness 7. Turquoise storm 8. Windy night

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