“Moons Around Jupiter”

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More than a year after his last EP, Quarion returns to Retreat for a fantastic expedition: a journey to the “Moons around Jupiter". Consisting of four tracks dedicated to the four Galilean satellites, “Moons around Jupiter” is a sonic masterpiece that blurs the lines between House, Techno, Broken Beat and Disco. A certain Detroit mystique (the futurism & outer space themes) also surrounds thismesmerizing ep which Quarion himself ranks as possibly his best work to date come and take a ride! We may share the ultimate bond with the moon Europa: the presumption of oceans underneath its crust of ice as well as an atmosphere that is mostly filled with oxygen make this satellite a good candidate for possible extra-terrestrial life (more micro-organisms than 3-eyed aliens though). Quarion’s “Europa” hopes to reveal the secrets underneath the ice layer: beginning with a skippy beat and a tinkling piano, the track evolves rapidly as subtle keys and a cosmic choir appear from beyond. ..

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