“Up Lantis Ep”

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With his debut release on Highgrade, “Never End”, artist and producer Andri has already proven his sense for captivating rhythms and driving beats. It is no accident that the Swiss producer spent his childhood swinging the drumsticks and is now bringing his enthusiasm for those beats to the dancefloor. Andri is known well beyond the borders of his native Switzerland for his energetic and sweaty live performances, which always include new tracks for the floor. With his live sets he aims to encourage more than just wiggling movement – he tries to incite the Party Freak, to inspire a “technoid mind state” where people want to dance like crazy, all night long! As he says himself: “The people on the dancefloor should be able to experience the story of my sets and completely forget themselves.” But Andri is not attempting to be a hyper intellectual sound director, and while his sets and tracks are carefully composed, they also retain a sense of humour. This is the case with his new Highgrade release: “Up Lantis”. The three tracks - “Up Lantis”, “Come to Me” and “Mr. Groove” skillfully play with original samples, crackling beats and sexy basslines. They develop a very unique field of tension, punctuated with a lot of fun filled Andri trademarks: This is the dictation of groove.

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