Secret Cinema

“Timeless Altitude, Slam, Egbert Rmxs”

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Created back in ‘94 by Secret Cinema, no one could have predicted how timeless this track would turn out to be! If you are in to electronic music and live on this planet, there’s a 75 percent chance you’ll recognise the weird reversed, reverbed piano riff! Now, for the first time, the original is available digitally with remixes by Slam, Egbert and Secret Cinema himself that made their way to vinyl as well. The massive techno tune from ‘94 is ready for a little update! It can be a challenge to remix a track with so much history, but all three managed to complement the original while giving a unique spin to the track. The Secret Cinema 2011 remix is a peak time main room power tool that will turn a big crowd into a riot any day. Slam take a deeper, more subtle approach that can hypnotize and rock a main room crowd without blowing their wigs off. Finally Egbert takes the track to a warmer funkier level, equipped with a funk-filled bass line and some warm pads over the top. A truly timeless package!!

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