Arp Aubert & Me Succeeds

“Split Series 1/3 (hamburg)”

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The two Hamburg based acts Me Succeeds and Arp Aubert are responsible for the first part of a Ki Records Split Series. On the EP named after the city in the north of Germany the two acts combine their friendship and musical preferences to remix each other and contribute one very own track on each side. Me Succeeds, with their members Mona Steinwidder, Sebastian Kokus and Lorin Strohm, is a part of Hamburgs Labelcollective i saw music and their songs combine Indie Pop with electronic beats and chords. Arp Aubert consists of the two founding members of Mirau Records: Stephan Lorenz and Marco Niemerski. Niemerski is better known for his productions as Tensnake, but keeps Arp Aubert running as a matter of heart. The Ki-Split 1/3 (Hamburg) is truly a family matter. Because of their close friendship, Me Succeeds and Arp Aubert have created a very intense and emotional record. By remixing each other and combining their musical background this release turns out to be a very special one for Ki and the acts themselves. The Cover was created by Me Succeeds in well known Ki tradition to make this piece of music something special and memorable.

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