Black Devil Circus Club


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Ladies and Gentleman roll up roll up for what has to be one of the strangest albums you are likely to encounter this or any other year. Usually an exclusive club of one Bernard Fevre aka Black Devil Disco Club has now opened the doors and invited others to join, surrounding himself with an array of talented and eclectic singers to create a dazzling disco pop opus. Full of deep, dark delicious thrills, his unique electronic sound once described as being ‘ like Joy Division produced by Giorgio Moroder’ pulses through 10 tales from the underworld, 10 performances in a Circus like no other with Black Devil as ringmaster. In case Black Devil has somehow escaped your attention he is the creator of one of the most influential electronic disco albums ever created, originally released in 1978 the ‘ Black Devil Disco Club’ album has been a huge influence on today’s artists like Aphex Twin, Metro Area, The Chemical Brothers, Andrew Weatherall and countless others. He returned to great acclaim in 2006 with the aptly titled ’ 28 After’ and has since toured the world whilst continuing to release his ‘amazing electronic emissions from the other side’ . The album opens with the apocalyptic visions of Jon Spencer of the legendary Jon Spencer Blues Explosion before Nancy Fortune transports us to a piano bar in a distant galaxy ’ X Paradise’ is where Aja Emma of Canadian Electro Pop outfit Cosmetics chooses to hang, while Faris Badwan of The Horrors is trapped in a dream ‘ impossible for us’ . Claire Evans of YACHT tells us that she would prefer to ‘ Stay Insane’ and that if Jesus was to return to earth we would surely kill him! You thought that was strange? Well here’ s Nancy Sinatra… yep that Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank, singer of ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ and maybe things are getting a bit lighter but as she sings ‘ take care my friend’ for she is ‘ Too Ardent’ I’m not so sure. The gears shift and we’ re hurtling along an electronic highway, surely Tron should have

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