“I´m Ok (lim.ed)”

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‘I’m Ok’ is the follow up to the critically acclaimed album ‘7 Guitars with a Cloud of Milk’ which won GaBLé best new act award in the French equivalent of the NME, Les Inrocks Magazine. A 12 track mini album that is big on ideas ‘I’m Ok’ represents a progression in style for the band, using conventional instruments like Cello and Brass in unconventional ways, to compliment their usual array of found sounds, squeaks and samples. The album also features one of the band member’s grandmother, providing vocals for two of the tracks. How lovely. The three piece hail from Normandy, France and write DIY pop songs with echoes of The Vaselines, Beat Happening and Lou Barlow’s solo endeavours. Fidelity, presidential assassinations, suicide and the golden years of retirement are just some of the subjects that GaBLé tackle with their unique blend of humour and musical invention. Since the release of “7 Guitars…” the band has been touring constantly with the likes of Health, Dan Deacon and punk-funkers Chk Chk Chk (!!!). GaBLé’s live show is a sight to behold. Samplers, recorders, a horn and a hoover provide an invigorating accompaniment to melodic singing, explosive spluttering and bizarre ejaculations. GaBLé will be gracing the stages of The Great Escape festival in Brighton in May and The Big Chill Festival in August. More UK dates to be announced, soon. The release will be available as a limited edition of 300 12” records, screen printed by the band themselves, suplimented by individually hand drawn illustrations by kids of the band’s local grammar school in Caen.What we like to call ‘Luxury DIY’. TRACKLISTING 1. Queen Me 2. First Lady Of A President 3. I’m OK 4. And 5. Debut 6. La Politique 7. Whyyy 8. Violons, Riots And Satan 9. Mon Côté Féminin 10. Arm And Nose, Arms And Noïse 11. Old Folk 12. Lux Interior End 13. Sans Du Feu Dans Mes Mains

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