“Up And Down My Spine”

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Cadenza’s latest offering comes from Swiss German duo Laurent Bovey & Gregory Poncet, more commonly known as Digitaline. Firm family within Cadenza’s realm of artists, Digitaline’s latest .Up And Down My Spine’ EP is their fourth contribution to the increasingly impressive Cadenza catalogue of experimental and meticulously produced electronic soundscapes. Deep and chugging grooves, atmospheric spheres and industrial synth patterns are Digitaline’s forté; .Up And Down My Spine’ is no exception to their uncompromising rule. A-side .Africa’ makes it’s grand entrance with a deliriously deep bass line belting from underneath it’s hazy atmosphere and pouncing crisply into cutting hi-hat’s and sweeping snare’s. The jerky rhythmic groove is determined from its first steps and contrasts impeccably with the sensual and stripped down vocal from Diaraby Nene by Oumou Sangaré. Trickling over the top of a fierce and bouncing violin melody, the listener is catapulted into a woven cultural journey. .Africa’ is an encapsulating house track that’s plethora of influences and appeal span worldwide. On the flip, the duo’s .Shivers’ is percussive and a clear companion for its counterpart, .Africa’. Made to sit effortlessly together, the same potion of heavy kicks, tribal essences and impeccable arrangement follow from one side to the other, coaxing our minds and bodies into Digitaline’s intricate musical world. A hypnotic synth pattern, tight drums and pure groove are relentless as they meet with the repetitive vocal in a winning combination. Cadenza is honoured to present .Up And Down My Spine’ from Digitaline which comprises two deep and courageous house pieces as their sixty second release. Tracklisting: A1 – Africa B1 – Shivers

CADENZA62 in the media

Woody: “play the b. side! thanx for vinyl, w.”

Fe=derico Molinari (Oslo): “i really like this record”

Fe=derico Molinari (Oslo): “very nice record!”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “back to africa 2011? not for me.”

Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “i love it!!!!!thanks”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “great!”

Woody: “cool, will play da b side!thanks 4 vinyl.”

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