“Early Fever Ep”

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Having firmly established himself over the course of an 18 year production career for a musical output under a number of productions guises and collaborations, the Early Fever EP finds German techno veteran Ian Pooley resurrecting his Silvershower alias for a first release on Plus 8 since his Ice Fractions EP in 1996. The EP finds Pooley moving into the shadows and pursuing a darker, rougher sound than the Brazilian-influenced productions many will know his more recent work for: “I did night sessions in the studio to get the right vibe. The main thing I wanted was to use real drum machines and analogue synths instead of samples. Doing something that’s different from my usual sound was very stimulating, so the whole EP kind of came together by itself". What emerged was an EP that nodded to Silvershower’s past as well as moving the alias into the future: Blue 2011 reworked a track from an older EP; the lead track, Early Fever, brought what Pooley describes as a more classically Chicago-influenced sound to the fore; while Sinister and Whiteout accentuates the darker aspects of the new productions. Having embarked on the project at the suggestion of Richie Hawtin, Pooley says the invigorating return to the less-polished and techier Silvershower sound made Plus 8 the perfect label for the release. “It was the ideal choice - it was one of the labels that shaped the sound of electronic and after all this time still releases forward thinking music” 70709;"New Transmat! Out of nowhere…this Greg Gow white label drops!

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