Steve Bug & Clé

“Seven Hill”

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The Berlin-based partnership of long-time friends Steve Bug and Clé has reared many a classy deep house tune in its time… Their classic ‘Silicon Ballet’ EP from 2007 led us heavily into their sound, combining melodic, blissful elements with the heavy vibes of the old-school acid days. Now we’re due another full EP with ‘Seven Hills.’ The title track is a refined, long-playing stormer - perfect for the coming months as the summer weather stirs up open-air fever! From humble beginnings a riotous, epic track grows fusing the Poker Flat boys’ patented analog production and natural ear for a melody. Heartfelt strings draw the track to its finale as a teasing breakdown arrives around the 6 minute mark. This is a real slow-burner in the best sense of the phrase. The more urgent ‘Monkeyshoulder’ drives a deep blazing night-time vibe all the way home. Smooth, filtering chords and spacey stabs swirl in a magical futuristic-yet-classic house jam. Simply deadly in the right moment, this bright and dynamic production really does justice to the pair’s talents. Tracklisting: A. Seven Hills B. Monkey Shoulder

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Feedback: “


Martin Landsky (Poker Flat)

hit =)) 5/5


Felix (Hot Chip)

always great to hear some new music from Steve Bug, these tracks don't disappoint. Great deep vibes for summertime dj sets. 5/5


Adultnapper (Culprit)

top top top production and arrangements. full support! 5/5


Marco Resmann (Upon You)

I really like the entire package 5/5


Alex Niggemann (Poker Flat)

Brilliant!!!!! No more words to say! 5/5


Michael Reinboth (Compost)

yes anständig! jut....catchy 4/5


Joel Mull (Truesoul)

Great teamwork guys!! Seven Hill is gonna make them go crazy :p Monkey Shoulder is also real cool! 5/5


Matt Masters (Freerange Radio)

Really nice guys! Full support as always 4/5


René Passet (DJBroadcast)

Strings and even more strings. A field filler for sure. Lovely. But I prefer Monkey Shoulder. A great tribute to Maurizio but still very current. 4/5


Laurent Garnier (F Com)

cool deepness -- will play  3/5


Break 3000 (Dirt Crew)

seven hills! really nice... jf 4/5


Rick Warner (Resident Advisor)

Seven Hills: A sparse and deep intro is warmed up immensely by the synths, but as soon as the classic rave melody creeps in you can feel how big this is going to be. Love it. Monkey Shoulder: sharp percussive driver. reminds me of old Red Jerry stuff. Great. Shadows: very back-room 2am stuff.. the darker the corners, the better!! Love this EP.. will request to review for RA 4/5


Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur)

yeah, monkey shoulder for me...nice oldschoolish and deep groover... 4/5


Chris Gruber (Baalsaal)

Nice summer tunes!"Seven Hills" is my fav! Will play! full support!!! 4/5


Funk D'Void (Soma)

very nice!!! Great work guys! 3/5


Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware)

Seven Hills: RAVE:!!! Große Klasse. Wenn das mal kein HIt wird. 4/5


Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil)

Cool release, I like "Seven Hills" a lot. 4/5


Manuel Tur (Mild Pitch)

"monkey shoulder" as delicious as the scotch blend, yummy! 4/5


Danny Tenaglia (Silver)

thanks!!! 4/5


Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong)

nice ! love it and will play in my radioshow! Cheers 4/5


David Durango (Dessous)

Monkey Shoulder is my fav Thanks...good ep 4/5


Melon (Ratio)

monkey shoulder sounds nice 3/5


Makossa (FM4)

great deep stuff 4/5


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