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“Full Range Ep, Maceo Plex Rmx”

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Jin Choi is a musician, producer, DJ and live artist based in Berlin, Germany. Equally focused on groove and melodic structures, his music fuses electronic and naturalistic sounds to move the head and body. Once coined modern minimal, Choi’s productions are equal parts emotion, melody and rhythm. “Full Range” is his first release on Serialism Records. In a recent interview, Choi described himself as a Burial loving music-nerd who is simply trying to create his own musical language. He has released on Lessizmore, Contexterrior, RomanPhoto & Archipel, to name a few. For SER10, he joins forces with Maceo Plex (aka Maetrik, the moniker he saves for his darker techno productions) to do just that. Most known for his recent revered deep-house single, “Vibe Your Love” on Crosstown, Plex makes the release the perfect late-night tool. First up is “Full Range", a dubby tech-house number with ominous and increasingly glitchy repetitive vocals that remind the listener of what Choi seems to already know - “music is the universal language, music is no longer irrelevant". Next, “Half Baked", the EP’s star, manages to perfectly fuse industrial sounds with melody making a blissed-out, deep- house track. Mysterious squeaks, hisses and factorial inner workings provide the backdrop while warm time-stretched freestyle vocals guide us through the production. Maceo’s Deep Remix is around 9-minutes of Chicago house inspired sounds layered with snappy high hats and emotive chords.

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Feedback: “

Ambivalent (Minus)
Really nice pack of deep stuff here.

Ahmet Sisman
half baked and the maceo remix are the ones. but the others are also very cool. strong ep!!!

Marc Ashken
full range is the balls, would have loved a dub version tho, thanks M

Akiko Kiyama
love half baked..*thanks !!

LUCIANO (Cadenza)
Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Chris Lattner (Einmaleins Musik / Moon Harbour)
great ep. i will play all tracks! thank you very much!!!

Christereo (Halfstereo / Dinamo.fm)
Maceo remix is awesome! Full support delicious EP.

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza)
super cool ep! quality :)

dave vega (beatport label mngr)
great tracks! all of them...

Martin (Get Physical Music)
Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Frank Haag (Thema, Serialism)
been hammering full range...x thanks!

reallly dope ep full range is the one

Great ep!!!

Shaun Soomro (Lick My Deck)
Really like Full Range, deep and dirty.

Daria (Cadenza, lomidhigh)
Good Good Good Stuff here!!!

Nadine Kreuzahier (rbb)
Nice! half baked original mix and plex rmx for me, but like full range as well. Will play  it @ Nightflight radio show, Fritz Radio

Audiofly  (Supernature)
Amazing Ep and great remixes! downloading for Audiofly thank you! :)

Sebastian (Water Gate)
both maceo plex versions of half baked are amazing! also like the vinyl edit.

Julietta (Harry Klein)

Paco Osuna (Mindshake / Plus 8)
download thank you :)

Franco Cazzola (Carnival Records)
Very nice release, Maceo Plex remix and Red Day are dope!!! support

Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio Records)
full range!

amazing ep, lots of good music in here. thanx!!

Paul Corey (Resident Advisor, Cacophonous Bling Blog)
Really strong EP with the Maceo Plex versions offering a nice contrast to the excellent originals

Rainer (mean, serialism,vinylclub,stock 5)
nice work  jin ! loving full range

NICO (Slash label)

pherox (Slash Label )
excellent release !! great originals &  wonderful reworks..serialism crew in topform !!

monika kruse
Downloaded for Monika Kruse. Thanks

Fabrizio Maurizi (Minus)
Super doooope!!...Jin is killing and Eric never fails....Serialism State Of Mind

Elon (Dumb-Unit / Clink )
great release and a great remix from eric! support!

jin choi really hits me from the  another unknown side. love it!!

Someone Else (Foundsound)
half baked original is nice.

Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail, Dirt Crew)
So good! Jin's such a talent! This is an incredible EP, dripping with pure quality and soul. Eric's remix is great too!

 Daniel Sanchez
huge ep here, will play the hell out of this!

miss jools (mobilee)
Super release!will play most of the cuts here thanks! ;)

Chris Carrier (Catwash)
nice tracks

Todd Burns (RAdvisor)
thanks, downloading.

Pierre (Fuse Club / Lessizmore)
Jin can't do wrong !Maceo's groove mix is nice too.

Anthony Collins (Freak N Chic)
ho yeah !!!! love this epand maceo remix is killer !!

Dubfire (Sci+Tec)
Downloading for Dubfire

Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong / Great Stuff)
full range for me...maceo plex groove also really cool!Cheers JIn

Boris Horel
very well done EP. I like "Full range" 's sleazyness and M.plex rmx is quite "envoutant" too ! thanks

Benno Blome
i love jins very own style - half baked and full range for me

Karotte (Break New Soil / Great Stuff)
maceo plex groove rmx is nice. love it!!!

lula circus (resopal, acker)
red day and maceo deep remix are cool

Clement Meyer
love full range a lot

love the ep.....!!

Markus Lindner
so good!love it... full range is a bomb!thx for this

Mr. Statik (Bpitch Control, Memo, Mo's Ferry)
Wow, this is a really great package over here, loving Full Range and Plex's Groove rmx, in the bag...

Patrick Bateman (Tic tac Toe)
Full Range is the one for me, proper twisted music, just the way I like it!

Ekkohaus (liebe*detail)
Maceo Plex remix  is really well done....Red Day is a warm tune too.....thanx...ekko

cesare vs disorder
thanks to all friends/collegues for taking some time to listen.Hope you enjoy as we do.best.cesare

Harry  Avers (Noice Podcast)
Nice Maceo Plex remixes...


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