Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

“Ubiquitous Gaze”

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The notorious Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts makes a triumphant return to Circus Company after last year’s critically acclaimed album, Breaking the Fourth Wall, with 3 deeper than deep (s)explosions sure to become omnipresent fixtures in the sets of damn near any DJ with even a shred of good sense in the months to come. ‘Ubiquitous Gaze’ gets the ball rolling in classic Coutu Dumont style with a rollicking sea of percussion thankfully populated with a few desert islands of respite in the form of a gorgeously lush string and piano arrangement and the soft meandering monologue of a certain well known musician discussing his craft. B side leader ‘You’re the One’ comes on strong with a bouncing D-town bassline and soft stabbing chords that would make Kenny Larkin proud before rolling out a high stepping lead organ and swinging vocal chops before tying the whole funky mess together with one of his trademark charging conga lines. Known for his unbound generosity and proving it here once again, a beatless stringapella of ‘Ubiquitous Gaze’ closes out the flip in fine style for those inclined to ride this one into a full epic journey territory. Yet more proof, as if any were needed, of Guillaume’s place at the very top of the mountain called house.

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