Jay Haze

“I Wait For You, King Britt, Reboot Rmxs” | “Bozoo Bajou Remix”

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SO, here we are at the end of a long journey which spanned over 11 years. both Contexterrior and Tuning Spork have been labels which inspired people to dance, make better music, and challenge the status quo- always. with a mission statement something like “we are soldiers in a guerrilla war against mediocrity” its no surprise the guys behind the labels have always been jokers, and totally serious at the same time. lots of occurrences have happened, many successes and many a great downfalls (most duly noted is the loss of the owners life savings) but in the end, we stand strong, happy and delighted we were part of something for so long, and that even after we leave, our work and dedication and shaping will remain part of this statue that is electronic dance music. For this final release, we have chosen to do one side CONTEXTERRIOR and the other side TUNINGSPORK on the Contexterrior side we have 2 remixes of the super anthem “i wait for you” feat. Laila Tov by Jay Haze featuring Philadelphia legend who is known for his funk and soul as much he is for his break beats and deep house music - KING BRITT and if that wasnt enough- we also got BOOZOO BAJOU to throw down on a version as well, this duo is known worldwide for their “Jukejoint” mixes, and their productions with blend electronics and island music, hailing from Nuremberg, Germany you surely wouldnt know it by the sounds of the remix- lovely pianos build beautiful tones to compliment the original! on the Tuning Spork we have the REBOOT remix of a collaboration he did in the Ultradope Sydrome Studios together with Jay Haze. the title is “my baby knows” feat lil dirrty ghetto bastard . the original version was released on the latest TS record and Reboot decided to do a special version for all his fans! its a long side player, with cool pianos, nice vocals and a lovely bass! we say bye bye to you guys, thanks for the laughs and love. see you out there in space, just where we like to be. Tracklisting

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