“Stages Of Life”

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After the huge success of recent Cadenza Ep’s from Argy, Lee Van Dowski and Mirko Loco versus Stacey Pullen, Luciano’s stand out label strikes again with a fresh taste from Cadenza artist Mendo. Rewind back to 2009 and Mendo’s .Remember’ Ep on the label was one that certainly wasn’t forgotten – the hugely successful beats and rhythms on .Remember’ solidified Mendo as a Cadenza favourite. The time has come for another highly anticipated output from the Swiss based producer - For Cadenza’s 66th Ep, this is .Stages’ Of Life’. House music has no bounds when it comes to exposing tones, ambience and expressions via its multiple sound adventures. Leading us directly and eagerly to the dance floor is one attribute that Mendo seems to have honed to perfection over the years though, and his signature sound of dance floor hysteria with a mature and classy edge is what we’ve come to know him best through; .The Stages Of Life’ Ep follows all that we know and love with its irresistibly deep bass lines, upbeat character and summer vibe. “Inocencia” opens this bright Ep with crisp slices of sound cutting eagerly through and leading us into spell bounding metal drums and a round sensual bass line. Its power is unmistakeable as the beats wrap around, we transport immediately to balmy terraces and debaucherous sunset dancing. Simply screaming to be thrown down on floors and terraces worldwide, “Inocencia” plays vocal games with chanting children and their delightful innocence. Not quite as simple as it sounds though, Mendo’s layers of swooning brass add sophistication and charm, belting into the skies and enveloping the dance floor vibe that’s so intricately been created. On the flip, “Old School” lives up to its name as classic and head strong techno kicks hold no prisoners. Spitting vocals, menacing sirens and a sexually charged edge stampede from beginning to end, all rounded off by a killer bass line that spits you swirls with snarling pace. “Old School” showcases Mendo’s talent f

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