Kenny Hawkes & David Parr

“Green Grass”

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“I hope you’re getting used to your new wings space DJ. Doing backstroke through the stars, gliding past strange planets like a meteor in your tin foil hat. I hope you finally found the peace you’ve been looking for out there” Note from David: This is a record completed by me & Kenny two summers ago. It’s been in legal limbo for a while but with the tragic loss of our dear friend this melancholic project has taken on new meaning for me. He loved this track and worked hard to get a release so here it is at last. Dan at Above Board has kindly offered his services for free so everything except the manufacturing costs can go to Kenny’s nearest and dearest to help balance the books. As with all true artists there is no safety net, cosmic explorers don’t do Bupa so if you loved house music like Kenny did, buy this record.

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