Motor City Drum Ensemble

“Love (the Remixes)” | “Kyle Hall, Wolfgang Voigt, Smallpeople”

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Further to Motor City Drum Ensembles DJ Kicks compilation, his exclusive single L.O.V.E. has been reworked by the young Detroit prodigy Kyle Hall, the painter and music creator Wolfgang Voigt and an excellent remix by Smallpeople. Kyle has been highly influenced and captivated by the Underground Deep House sound of Detroit. Inspired by artists such as Theo Parrish, Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade, 3 chairs, KDJ and Omar S, who believe their music has a certain feeling of the advant garde and liberation from the so-called rules people place upon dance music. Kyle took that principle of their music and applied it to music that he was trying to create. Wolfgang Voigt is known for his numerous, nearly inexhaustible list of one-off projects and aliases. Of these, his best known is arguably ‘Gas’ a project that saw the marriage of ambient music and 4/4 techno. His remix of Motor City’s L.O.V.E shows his minimalistic approach to music he has been famed for worldwide. Smallpeople are Julius Steinhoff & Just von Ahlefeld aka Dionne. Smallpeople are focused on a wider range of music and can be diverse- between Deep House, Detroit Techno and some Chicago flavours but always within the balance of atmospheric warmth and club suitability bringing yet another perfect addition to this remix package. Watch out for more big tunes from Smallpeople in the near future! TRACKLISTING 12‘‘ A1: KYLE HALL REMIX B1: WOLFGANG VOIGT REMIX B2: SMALLPEOPLE REMIX

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